29 Amazing ways to use Dandelion

Love them or hate them with spring comes dandelions and plenty of them. Why not put those beautiful little strong-willed flowers to good use with the best collection of dandelion recipes. From wine to salve 29 amazing ways to use dandelion!

Put those healthy little dandelions to good use with these 29 Amazing ways to use dandelion. With everything from Dandelion recipes for wine to healing salve! #dandelion #greens #benefitsof #homeremedies #food #salad #tea #wine #cooking #recipes #dandelionrecipes

Once upon a time I suppose, I disliked the little yellow flowers that pop up every spring, that is until I learned how AMAZING they are. Now as a converted dandelion lover, I scorn the bottles on the home improvement shelves that claim to kill them.

I mean why? They are bee food, they are wonderfully healthy, detoxifying and hearty too.

If we can all get past the marketing that wants us to think dandelions are the enemy and see them for the natural gem they really are, we would see the numerous things we can do with them we would all be better off and more healthy for it!

These dandelion recipes are one way to make use of the multitude of dandelions that are popping up everywhere.

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Dandelion Drinks 

  1. Dandelion Soda
  2. Dandelion Wine
  3. Dandelion Iced Tea
  4. Dandelion & Violet Lemonade
  5. Dandelion Root Chai Tea
  6. Dandelion Beer

Dandelion Snacks & Deserts

  1. Dandelion Muffins
  2. Dandelion Lemon Bars
  3. Dandelion Honey Butter
  4. Dandelion Candy
  5. Dandelion Jelly
  6. Dandelion Cookies
  7. Dandelion Bread
  8. Dandelion Ice Cream
  9. Dandelion & Lemon Paleo Cupcakes
  10. Rhubarb & Dandelion Pie
  11. Dandelion Syrup

dandelion recipes

Dandelion Soups & Salads

  1. Wild & Weedy Dandelion Soup
  2. Dandelion Power Salad

Dandelion Dishes

  1. Dandelion Noodles
  2. Dandelion Fritters
  3. Dandelion Quiche
  4. Dandelion Greens Frittata
  5. Dandelion Pesto

Dandelion Personal Care

  1. Fine and Dandy Facial Serum
  2. Dandelion Salve
  3. Dandelion Lotion Bars
  4. Dandelion Lip Balm
  5. Dandelion Infused Oil



The once hated dandelion is slowly working its way into nobility status, at least in the herbal world. While this little flower was once the round-up target of every yard in town, it’s health impacts are incredible and it survivability quite notable. Dandelion is natures little gem, the gift of any patch of dirt. And now it’s easy to turn the gift of sunny days into well just about anything. With these 29 Amazing dandelion recipes, you can turn those little yellow beauties into (just about) anything your heart desires ♡♡♡

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