3 natural ear infection remedies

3 tried and true natural ear infection remedies

If you have little feet running around your house, chances are in the last year or so you have had to battle an ear infection. Maybe several. Cold & flu season or teething all seem to set off ear infections in kids. There is no need, here are 3 easy ear infection remedies. Remedies from items you probably have in your cabinets right now!

As the mother of young children I try to keep a keen eye out for the first signs of an ear infections.  My oldest child seemed plagued by them as a young toddler, and what did the doctor always do? Prescribe antibiotics. The problem with that is that antibiotics destroy your healthy gut bacteria. A lack of gut health actually leads to the ear infection problem to begin with.

For ways to support gut health check this and this out.

Ear infection remedies

Now the question is what did they do for ear infections 100 years ago? Truth is most answers came from the garden.

1. Garlic ear oil

This one is easy to do and keep for months before you may need to remake it. A super easy thing to keep in the medicine cabinet, and use if you even think you have an ear infection starting. The thing with all of these remedies there is no danger for using the remedy even if there is no ear infection. The great part is it’s a simple cure right from Kitchen ingredients you likely already have. My favorite way to do this one is out of the book Medicinal Herbs- A Beginner’s Guide By Rosemary Gladstar. This book is an absolute must for the person interested in making your own home-made remedies.

The basic run down here is heat 2-4 Tbsp of olive oil with 2-4 garlic cloves (chopped and peeled) over a low heat, until the oil smells of a very strong garlic smell. Then you let the mixture cool, strain it through cheese cloth and store in a dark container, like an amber dropper bottle. Store in a cool dark place. Rewarm this by letting the bottle set in a cup of warm water until it is about body temperature. When using treat both ears, placing a dropper full in each ear massage to make sure the oil gets really well down into the ear, and repeat often until pain subsides.

2. Onion juice

Onion juiceAnother remedy straight from the garden, or perhaps from the refrigerator. Maybe you are really homesteady and you have a root cellar with a basket full of homegrown onions. No matter the difference, you get the same result. Now it is s simple task but maybe easier said that done, if you are a person with sensitive eyes (like myself). All you need is a little juice, few drops per ear, do this for several days just to make sure the infection is gone. Toss a little in the juicer or hand juice a little bit, bottle it up and store it for the rest of this ear infection.

Now I can not say for sure if this part is true but the old wives tale is use onion juice for ear infection and you will never have another in infection again! I wish I could say I tested this one on my oldest when he was getting repeat ear infections but I never tried it, I wish I did! However, if you have a child repeatedly getting an ear infection I would try this remedy pronto!

3. Tea tree oil

Ear infection remediesThis one works fast and furious. Of the 3 ear infection remedies I tend to go with this one first. So if I am guessing we have an ear infection I usually opt for this one, and knock it out before it really even starts. All you need is a little bottle of tea tree or also known as melalueca essential oil (both names mean the same thing). I keep this essential oil on hand and it takes a long while to use it all. All you need is a cotton ball torn to a size you can fit inside the ear it is needed for. Then add a few drops of tea tree oil to cotton all place it inside the ear (do not try to stuff it deep inside the ear). Little note here, do not place drops in ear they must be on the cotton ball and the cotton ball placed in the ear. Do this over night a time or two and, just like that your ear infection is gone!

* Side note* adding a little lavender essential oil and/or frankincense essential oil to the outside or around the ear is very helpful with the pain that comes with an ear infection.

Ear infection remediesSo if you have a fussy baby, toddler or older kid and a temperature is spiking and you suspect an ear infection. Give one of these 3 ear infection remedies a try, no harm no foul right? It may just restore the sleep that is much needed and remove the pain and the fussiness! And heck you will probably save yourself $100 or more in medical costs in the mean time, score right?

Most importantly is the body needs to heal, and in the most natural way possible. While antibiotics will attack the infection it will also wreak havoc in the body destroying all the helpful beneficial microbes in the body. That will result in digestion set backs as well as a weaker immune system. However if you do feel the immune system is a little suppressed check out these to posts to here and here to strengthen the immune system again. A Weakened  the immune system can never be a good option when trying to improve health…. ♡♡♡

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