Calendula Benefits & Uses

There are very few garden flowers that have as many superpowers as calendula. The many calendula benefits are not just for the garden, but for health, beauty, companion planting and so much more!

Ever heard of calendula? Not sure what it is or why you should grow it? Calendula benefits & uses are almost limitless. What is calendula and why you want this amazing flowering herb in your garden or flower beds! #benefits #uses #flower #herbs #health #natural

You know it wasn’t that long ago I didn’t even know what calendula was.

I, in fact, learned I don’t even say it right. I say CAL-EN-DOO-LA all hillbillie like I guess.

Then I had a friend say she went to a naturopathic doctor and the doctor recommended a cream she had never heard of, she looked it up and it was the same flower I have been (and will probably continue to mispronounce).

Apparently, my favorite garden/ healing/ herbal miracle flower is pronounced KUH-LEN-JUH-LUH. It sounds a little more like it rolls off the tongue and a little less backwoods.

But… I’m sticking with my way, just saying.

Now regardless of how you say it, fancy or country, the calendula plant is quite A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Like so amazing I just sang that for you (wink, wink)

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Calendula Plant

The calendula plant itself is not super picky. It will start blooming early and keep at it till late in the fall! It is known as a cool weather plant, but I have successfully grown it in a less than properly ventilated greenhouse in the middle of summer (so I have proven it can also handle intense heat). Guess what, it still thrives. Calendula is an annual, but will easily reseed itself so you will likely never need to plant again!

This plant and forget-about-it flower looks amazing and needs like no care, seriously! What more could you want? You can pick the blooms and it will just continue to bloom all season long even to the first snowfall. Easy, low maintenance, beautiful and medicinal, I’m telling you, this one is a winner!

Calendula In the Garden

This hearty little herb is a wonderful all around garden plant. It helps many plants thrive well. It is considered a general pest deterrent and really has nothing that it cannot be planted with. Calendula is everybody’s bestie in the garden.

If you like tomatoes you will LOVE calendula. It is especially good at keep tomato hornworm away not to mention pollinators love the stuff.


Calendula flower for Health

The beautiful blooms of the calendula plant are wonderful at healing wounds. They speed cell repair and growth they can be used internally (say a tea) or externally (like a salve).  Calendula is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, it is also wonderfully helpful at keeping infections from taking root. This powerful garden herb is both potent and gentle, gentle enough to even be used on infants.

Common Health Uses for Calendula:

  • bruises
  • burns
  • sores
  • cuts/ scrapes/ sores
  • skin ulcers
  • infections
  • rash
  • thrush
  • stomach ulcers

calendula benefits

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Calendula for Beauty

All those powerful healing aspects to calendula can also be a secret weapon in beauty and a healthy anti-aging regimen!

Calendula oil (the properties of the herb infused into oil of choice) is a wonderful choice for skin. It has capabilities of speeded cell repair, added antioxidants to fight free-radicals and fight fine lines and wrinkles along with healing dry skin!

If a thicker healthier mane is what you are looking, look no further than calendula oil for that as well! Calendula can rehydrate the scalp, reduce dandruff, improve hair follicles while fortifying them against free radical damage.


For calendula healthy hair try adding calendula oil to shampoos and conditioners, in hair masks or in a light coating at the roots while you sleep. Resulting in thicker, healthier more vibrant hair.

after adding a little miss calendula to your beauty routine everyone is going to want to know what you are doing. You can just wink and say its a garden secret.

If I could only plant one herb (and thank heavens that’s not true, I simply love too many) I would plant this one. The calendula benefits are too numerous to ignore and to amazing to go without. Whether for companion planting, growing amazing Ever heard of calendula? Not sure what it is or why you should grow it? Calendula benefits & uses are almost limitless. What is calendula and why you want this amazing flowering herb in your garden or flower beds! #benefits #uses #flower #herbs #health #natural #health #beauty #companionplantingtomatoes, making skin care, healing salves or healing internal issues this one has got it all. Not many things can claim that. If you have an issue who you gonna call? No, not the Ghostbusters, calendula, it’s your new secret weapon ♡♡♡

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