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10 months ago

May Round-Up 2017


As we wrap up May, that’s when the homestead really starts coming to life. The bees are buzzing, wild birds are hatching, flowers are blooming, plants are growing and wheat fields that surround us are only weeks away from harvest. Building a homestead is a busy life, there is a lot of work to be […]

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11 months ago

Stop trying to do it all

Do it all

Stop trying to do it all, and start accomplishing more  Busy! Life is busy! Am I right? And it seems that it is only getting more so. The busier we get the less we live. But we tell ourselves I have to do X, Y, and Z or everything falls apart right? Trust me I […]

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Confessions of a Homeschool Mom

Here we are cruising through April, and I have to admit that I am excited May is next! This may sound Crazy but this Mama needs a summer break. As homeschooler we often get categorized as “weird”, even though the reality of homeschooling has really changed, check out Homeschooling stigma’s, give it up people it’s […]

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last year

Dear society, you’re failing the people

Dear Society, You are truly failing the people. Don’t agree? Well let me share my point of view. People now believe that mediocre is good, and excellence is impossible. They creep through a day complaining about health problems that small easy changes would fix for them, however happy to instead stand in line at a […]

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October Round-Up

October round-up

October Round-Up October is fading and the leaves are falling. And I got to be honest, I know many people love fall, the changing colors, the brisk air, sweater and boot weather, not me. It kinda feels like it’s the dying of the year, as fall slips to winter. I really just want to be […]

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Time Flies

Time flies, raise the slowly

Time flies: raise them slowly So much about our lives has dramatically changed, in the last year. We have moved, new house, new homestead, new farm animals, new opportunities, But the biggest part was Mason, our 4th child (the new kid on the block) Mason, big man (or really the littlest) he is now ONE! […]

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Ok so break the rules…….

Breaking social norms

Ok so break the rules….. Who needs em’? I must admit part of me wants to break the rules, and by rules I really mean breaking social norms. Living by a set of standards ‘just because’ or because that’s what everyone else does, doesn’t at all make sense to me. Aren’t we all different? What […]

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What’s the down side?

We started as urban homesteaders, well not real urban, but small town for sure. Either way we didn’t have a place in the country and city regulations held us back from doing a whole lot of what we wanted. But we dreamed of better days. Days of enough garden space to grow all the fruits […]

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Are we “preppers”?

I recently got asked if we were preppers. I had to laugh. That question made me think of the one episode I watched of a show about preppers. In this show several people or groups who considered themselves to be preppers, all had a doomsday sinario they were preparing for. Some the zombie apocalypse, others […]

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last year

Pet loss

Farm dogs

It’s been one week today, I haven’t been able to write about it till now. We lost another pet, yes another! This one hit us all pretty hard. Our old boxer Leroy. He had been with us for so long, it really has shocked us all. He has just always been there, and now he […]

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Summer To-Do list

Winter is cold, cold keeps me inside in snugly clothes with a hot tea at hand. However warm sunny days bring me outside, and turns up the motivation. So I got plans to get stuff done! Often my plans are actually more than I can realistically do, (please tell me I’m not the only one […]

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a couple of years ago


As a mom I have times where I want to stay in that moment in time forever. Holding one of my babies,  I want to breathe in that scene so deeply it never leaves me.  Yet at the same time I feel sad cause I know this moment will pass. One day holding this tiny hand will […]

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