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6 months ago

Homeschooling | teaching lost skills

teaching lost skills

There is no doubt that homeschooling can put you and your kids at an advantage. That list of advantages is ever-growing too. With the advancement of technologies and programs extending to suit families of all sorts of alternative learning models, the opportunities available to homeschoolers is more than any other time in history. Don’t get […]

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10 months ago

Why we are funschooling this year


Can you remember back to your early  years? Carefree and adventure filled. With so many adventures waiting to be lived that were only stifled by school walls and boring teachers.  Learning was necessary but did it have to be so blasted boring? I recall feeling that way, and those same thoughts I see written on […]

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Confessions of a Homeschool Mom

Confessions of a homeschool Mom

Cruising through April, and that exciting news for a homeschool Mom. May is next! With that a much-needed break.  As homeschoolers, we often get categorized as “weird”, even though the reality is that the homeschooling scene has really changed.  As we are homeschoolers I never want to add to the negative image homeschooling is starting to […]

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last year

What made us decide to homeschool

I have shared a lot about our homeschooling experience. I have shared some of our beginning of the year traditions, and some of my pet peeves with people and their out dated social stigmas. But I have never really shared what exactly led us to homeschool, in the first place. So why did we decide […]

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last year

Homeschool plan: 2016-2017 school year

Homeschool plan: 2016-2017 school year I have been wanting to get this out, and even though school has been in full swing for nearly a month, I wanted to show you what we are working on in our homeschool this school year. start with a bang Every single school year I start off with a […]

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The HOME school-room set up

The HOME School room remodel and set up Ever since starting homeschooling, I wanted a dedicated school room. For years up until this recent move we did not have that. We had a dining room, a table and a bookshelf.  I have wanted to be able to put up tools and charts or maps on […]

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3 years ago

5 lessons learned from Home-Schooling

After 3 years of homeschooling, I am finally starting to feel comfortable enough to write this. It was 3  years ago when I was first considering homeschooling. I was scared to death to homeschool my kids! What if I screw them up and they don’t learn anything? What if they hate school and learning because […]

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