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a couple of months ago

Vida Soap Review

Vida Soap Review

I know you know we believe in clean food around here. So I am equally sure you know we believe in clean products for our body as well. However finding clean products has led us to many DIY’s, clean personal care products can just be so hard to find! When I come across the prospect […]

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a few months ago

DIY Detoxifying Coffee Face Scrub

DIY detoxifying face scrub

Have you ever gone anywhere or done something out of your normal routine and realized you threw your whole body out of balance? Maybe it was traveling food, or hotel shower water, but now your body, face, and skin are screaming help!!! Well, that’s sorta what just happened here, a little mini vacay, and boom […]

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last year

Just Natural Skin Care Review

just natural skin care review

Just Natural Skin Care Review So I haven’t don’t a lot of beauty products or personal care product reviews, yet. And a lot of that is because we do a lot of DIY , like herbal healing salve or DIY skeeter stick. We got started doing DIY body care because of our concern for what […]

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3 years ago

Shea Moisture- Hair Color System Review

  We have been on a mission for several years to be more natural in the products we use and in our health. I recently came to the conclusion that had to include not just the personal care products for the family but for my beauty products as well. I have been searching and searching […]

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Top 10 supplements

Top supplements

Our top 10 can’t go without, supplements/foods 1.  Maca– We use red and black maca varieties. Black maca is my husbands, and is best for muscle-building, endurance, male fertility, and mental focus. Red maca I use, and is best for hormone balancing, female fertility, bone and prostate health. Maca is helpful in so many areas that is why […]

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