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a few months ago

Homestyle Egg Drop Soup

Homestyle egg drop soup

At the risk of sounding “unamerican”, I am going to share a secret. I don’t like chicken noodle soup. There I said it! that wasn’t so bad right? It really nothing bad, I just have damaged memories of that condensed soup in a can. Tiny noodles, bits of meat (I think), who ever felt better, […]

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8 months ago

Sourdough pizza crust

Sourdough pizza crust recipe

Around here we have an almost constant theme, Ninja Turtles. For several years now our middle guy is like a Ninja Turtle super fan. You know the kind of kid every time they go to sit on the couch it’s a side flying “ninja kick”. Running  through the house he has to point his arms […]

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a couple of years ago

Amazing Crock Pot Tea

Crock pot tea

Picture yourself cozied up by a crackling fire. Avoiding the outside cold, and enjoying a warm mug of something. A cup of amazing, really, in fact your whole house smells amazing. That is because this delicious tea is a crock pot tea that has been warming for days. Ok, now I must be perfectly honest. […]

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Top 10 supplements

Top supplements

Our top 10 can’t go without, supplements/foods 1.  Maca– We use red and black maca varieties. Black maca is my husbands, and is best for muscle-building, endurance, male fertility, and mental focus. Red maca I use, and is best for hormone balancing, female fertility, bone and prostate health. Maca is helpful in so many areas that is why […]

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3 years ago

A Super Healthy Frappe

When I was pregnant with my third child it was the extremely hot summer of 2012. 100+ degree days started in early may, and we had 60 straight days over 100. That summer I got addicted to Frappe’s they were cold, I was hot. In our town (we are pretty small) the Starbucks is inside […]

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