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a couple of months ago

Homestead Homeschooling | Why we start our days with meditation

homeschooling with meditation

Some mornings nothing goes well. That can be the truth of a homeschool moms life.  Coffee gets cold as diaper blowouts with toddlers are followed by unfocused hyperactivity or whiny negative attitudes with school-age kids. Let’s just be real as homeschoolers some mornings are just the pits… We are no exception. Then I discovered the power of […]

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11 months ago

Why we are funschooling this year


Can you remember back to your early  years? Carefree and adventure filled. With so many adventures waiting to be lived that were only stifled by school walls and boring teachers.  Learning was necessary but did it have to be so blasted boring? I recall feeling that way, and those same thoughts I see written on […]

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