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a few months ago

Getting started with goats

Getting started with goats

You have been excessively scrolling Pinterest checking out every pin of cute baby goats you can find, and your are  ready to take the next step in homesteading and start you a little herd of goats. Why not right, that’s what I’d say! You have brought up all the valid points like dairy independence, how […]

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11 months ago

You GOAT to be kidding me!


Goats- the good, the bad and the ugly….. So picture yourself, an aspiring homesteader… (or if you rather like to think of yourself as sane, picture me I’m the homestead nut). Walking out of the farmhouse on a warm late July afternoon, herding a gaggle of kids out of the house to the car parked […]

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last year

Dairy goat mastitis

dairy goat mastitis

Healing mastitis in goats using essential oils Now I know I write a lot about essential oils, and here is another one. However know this, I am not any sort of essential oil distributor or part of any multi-level marketing oil company. I just whole heartedly believe in the healing powers of herbs and essential oils. […]

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New Life on the Homestead

Baby goats on the homestead

New life begins It finally happened guys! I can’t hardly believe it, we have had our first homestead birth! A baby goat, a doeling to be exact. We knew she was due soon, but this being our first time breeding goats we did not know exactly when to expect it (also we didn’t notate breeding […]

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