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The homestead, modern-day homesteading can be done anywhere, by anyone. No, you don’t need 50 acres in the backwoods. You can homestead right where you are.

Gardening, chickens, goats and more. Find easy how-to’s and DIY’s to homestead wherever you are.

Yes, you can homestead your little piece of a city or way out in nature!

3 years ago

Urban Family Garden Starting

Garden starting

So as April comes to a close with in a few days we would like to share our garden this year this far. Herbs Planted Echinacea Valerian Borage Spearmint Lemon Bee Balm Stevia Dill Thyme Oregano Cilantro Basil Yarrow Sage Lavender Lemon Balm That sounds like a lot or that we must have huge herb […]

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Winter Greenhouse Growing

Winter Greenhouse Growing Aquaponics in January The middle of the day in January its 50° inside and 20° outside. The night-time temperatures have been below freezing or below zero through the night for several weeks. Check out our newly sprouted seedlings that are surviving through these temperatures! That’s a red leaf lettuce in the middle […]

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