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DIY Skeeter Stick

We live in a pretty dry area of western Kansas. So dry that when driving through the country you will see irrigation sprinklers everywhere, I doubt we could grow much without it. Dry conditions can make gardening difficult. However the upside is we have little mosquito problems. Which is great; Our whole family reacts to mosquito bites about as bad as one possibly could. The area around a bite will swell up from quarter to golf ball size, and stay red for days! However this year and last year we have had more rain fall than anything in the last decade! Which is great and I am very thankful for. The downside? My kids are running around looking like the day after a paintball battle without wearing any gear!

Mosquito bites

So whats a mosquito sensitive family to do? Well I will tell you soon we learned certain essential oils make the itch stop reduce swelling and can stop or prevent infection from starting with that mosquito bite. So enough is enough, am I right??!! With all the mosquito borne diseases, this DIY natural mama decided to whip up a healthy natural skeeter stick.

What you need

We have found clove oil very useful in combating mosquito bites. This is the one that makes the itch stop!

  • Clove- Antibiotic, antiviral, antisptic antihistamine and a counter- irritant. Clove has many other amazing actions to it as well.
  • Frankincense- Anti-inflamatory, astringent, aids in healing the bite faster
  • Lavender- calming to the skin, great for bites burns and irritations. Or even to keep bugs away in the first place!
  • roll-on bottle
  • carrier oil

How to make

Take a roll on bottle we used 1/3 oz glass roll on bottle.

25-30 drops of clove

10-15 drops Frankincense

5-10 drops of Lavender

Fill the rest of the way with favorite carrier oil, or even better yet fill with a calendula infused oil (like this one here). Put the ball back in, lid on and shake. Use at the first notice of a mosquito bite, or other bug bite to help heal the site, and stop infection.

*note* we save a lot of the apothecary type bottles. Amber bottles, glass bottles everything. So that when situations like this arise we have a bottle handy! But I will also include links at the bottom to products to make this DIY.

Have any of you dealt with bug bites naturally? What do you use? What are your results?♡♡♡

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