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Easy DIY toothpaste

I am a DIY addict and that's okay

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Is anyone else out there a DIY addict? Does this sound familiar you find yourself at the store staring at some product unhappy with the ingredients and thinking “why do I pay good money for a product I don’t like? I get it, toothpaste is one product I do not like, no, I hate to pay for! The typical brands are full of chemicals I don’t believe in using mainly fluoride, and some are even know to have plastic pieces as the ‘abrasive scrubbing agent’. No thanks, right? Luckily toothepaste has a super easy, healthy and budget friendly solution. DIY toothpaste to the rescue!

Homemade toothpaste

The simple ingredients

  • coconut oil (as you probably already know coconut oil has antibiotic, anti-fungal  and anti-viral properties. Making it great for tooth care without chemicals) coconut oil can be expensive I buy mine in bulk and I get it from here. (P.S. I get many quality grocery store type items from this place and they make living on organic much more affordable)
  • Baking soda for a cleaning and scrubbing agent, furthermore it is also good for whitening and removing odors naturally.
  • Stevia extract I have heard some people say they are uncomfortable with putting sweet stuff on their teeth, I just wanted to just highlight what stevia is. It is a plant and herb actually that is not sticky it is just super sweet. Stevia does not act like sugar at all in the body, in fact it works opposite of sugar on your blood sugar. It is just a naturally sweet herb leaf.
  • Clove essential oil- interestingly clove is readily used in dentist offices. In the event an infection is to advanced for a dentist to do what is needed they will often send you home with your mouth packed with clove oil to knock back an infection. This stuff is amazing, keep it on hand for tons of ailments.
  • peppermint essential oil ( adds to breath freshening and a cool mouth feel. This is what we use here or here.)
  • Trace mineral drops (these help to remineralize your teeth, helping you to avoid getting cavities filled in the first place like this here)
  • glass jar- mine came from Hobby Lobby and has a little wooden spoon that we use for scooping out the toothpaste or use one like this. Better yet recycle, and use old baby food jars those are perfect for traveling)

On a side note

coconut oil goes from a solid to a liquid around 75 degrees F, as a result, the mixing process is the easiest if your coconut oil is a little cooler than that, higher than that it stays a liquid. Keep in mind, depending the temperature of your house, you may or may not like a coconut oil based toothpaste.  However, We still use ours if the house gets warmer, it’s just more like a soup, but it still works great.

The Recipe

I make enough for 2 jars, this recipe reflects that. Change up what you need to based on the amount you need.



And, voila!

easy peasey right??

Easy DIY toothpaste

This is my own recipe adapted over time. Feel free to try, tweak or share♡♡♡

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