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We ‘broke up’ with the grocery store & what we do instead

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that grocery shopping with kids can be a drag. Whether you have 1 kid or 10, they usually always make it 150% more difficult. “Mom, I want this”, “we need that” ugh its just never-ending. The dreadful layout is made to be a complete trap for your kids! Toys on the end racks, candy in the checkout aisle, nope, I put a kibosh on that! I don’t go to grocery stores anymore. I’ll let you in on the most affordable secret to grocery store alternatives, and I’ll have you singing  NA Na Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye to your grocery store too!

grocery store alternatives

So as the CEO of your household I am sure you are always looking for ways to save money, as well as time. One genius way to take control of both is to skip the money pitfall that is ‘the grocery store’ and manage your household food needs like a boss.

If you follow us much you know we homestead to provide much of our own food and ensure its actually healthy food. So sure, we like everyone else, still need to buy some foods. Yes, we do try to grow as much of our own stuff as possible but some items still have to be bought. But dragging 5 kids into the local grocery store, where healthy or organic isn’t even an option, to way overspend for less than quality food just isn’t appealing. After moving to our small community for our dream homestead, I was left searching for grocery store alternatives.

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That’s when a friend told me about Azure Standard. The way they did things was different than any other online grocer I had ever seen. Here in rural America, things like healthy organic and Non-GMO cheese, butter or frozen items are very few and far between. And what if eating chemically laden foods isn’t what you want for your family. I know what you’re thinking, not everything can be shipped in a box, right?

Azure Standard is different, I found I could get anything. Milk, cheese, frozen foods or fresh produce (yes, I know!) not to mention totally organic and Non-GMO, delivered right here to ruralville Kansas. Needless to say, I was totally blown away and I have been hooked ever since.

Grocery shopping just got easier

If you are looking for the grocery buying hack that will make a world of difference here it is!

  1. Placing an online order once a month.
  2. Having your choice of anything your family needs not just dry goods.
  3. Azure Standard sends all your produce out on a refrigerated truck for you to meet at a local drop point (so no long lines or checkout aisles plus it saves on those shipping or delivery fees).
  4. Buy the size you need. Whatever sizes you may need from normal packages to bulk quantities.
  5. Save big over grocery store prices
  6. Have a very large selection to choose from
  7. Need more than grocery? What about pet, livestock, farm, garden, supplements, household, health, beauty, kitchen, baby care and more!

How it works

Azure Standard makes things pretty easy, you may have to get used to it because it is so different than what “normal” grocery shopping looks like. After checking out azure you simply find a drop, that’s the drop site to where a truck will meet with all your healthy goods. Each drop has a schedule.

  1. You pick your drop site. There are many in nowheresville Kansas (I have half a dozen in every direction from me).
  2. You place an order. Feel free to take your time. I work and tweak my order all throughout the month.
  3. Azure loads a truck up with your goods along with other members from your drop and sets for your destination.
  4. You meet at your drop at the scheduled time.
  5. Back up the car and open the trunk. In 15-20 minutes your in and out with your grocery haul and none of the stress or crying toddlers in shopping carts!

If that’s not winning at grocery shopping then I don’t know what is!

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Not many people enjoy grocery shopping, especially with kids. The lines, the people, the prices (in some areas the lack of options). grocery store alternativesWith kids those things get worse, the sugar filled unhealthy cereals just at child’s height, (right we know they do that on purpose). What if there were a better way to shop where you are in control of your money, your choices and your children. Azure Standard might just be the answer you’ve been looking for. Finally one of the many grocery store alternative that’s right for you. What you want at a price you can actually afford, delivered to where you actually live ♡♡♡

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