a couple of years ago

Hello and Welcome

Welcome 2015!

As we ring in the new year with hopes and expectations for the year to come we want to share our journey with you. We call it a journey because we are still learning and changing, so it is truely about the journey not the destination. We are a family that has left the normal route of life for a road less traveled and in this journey we see new blessings every day. We are a family of urban homesteaders, Diy’ers, homeschoolers, cloth diaperers, frugal upcyclers, learners of “old” skills, natural health believers, lovers of the earth our creator (not mother nature) made for us.  We feel like we are the children of the generation who walked away from this life style, but we see so much value in it, in the “old ways” so returning to those ways, upcycling some old ways adding some new technology. Making a better, healthier life for our family and watching the blessings as we pass through on our journey. So come with us on this beautiful journey, we welcome the company!