a couple of years ago

Little Letters from a ‘city’ homestead

Dear Blog Readers,

I appreciate the overwhelming amount of new traffic and comments on our site, but really whats with the weird il_fullxfull.2283478601comments like stuff in Russian (which by the way we can’t speak or read) or the crazy spam?

Dear Stress,

I get that everything is about balance right? But why do you parade around like you are not a “real thing” more just an imaginary friend? My body seems to thing you are very real! I would like to announce to you I am actively trying to separate from you. I mean we aren’t that fond of each other are we? So how about it, let’s call it quits and I’ll see less of you and you get to see less of me! Seems win/win to me.

Dear Unborn Baby living in my Body,

I am very happy that you are doing well so far, after that last few months it’s a relief, really! However, are the cravings for cereal at 3 am necessary? Do you know that I get to keep all that extra fat after you move out? Just a thought keep your mom in mind with those crazy cravings!

Dear April,

I am so excited you are here. I have always thought of you as such a great time. I look forward to the sunny days and the showers for my flowers.

Dear Husband,

I know we have our ups and downs, maybe more than a few:( However I would like to say I am proud of the man, husband and father you are becoming everyday.

Dear City Chickens,

I know you have a one track mind, eat bugs, lay eggs, sleep, repeat. But if you would like to not be the next Form of meat on the ol’ grill maybe you should consider staying out of my freshly planted herb/flower/ veggie garden beds!