a couple of years ago

My Little Letters


Dear Facebook,    You and I have a mostly hate relationship, I am sorry for that, but you seem to drag me down. I don’t have time for fake friendships, and a lot of negative people. Life is negative enough on its own, I need life, love and happiness. What I mean to say is I have children to raise and a life to conquer.  So forgive me if I keep a distance from you in my personal life, I’m to busy living life for pettiness.

Dear Spring,  I wrote to you last week saying how excited I am for you to come this year. You might not be fully here yet but I know you are just  right around the corner, I can feel it in my bones, (hopefully that’s not just me wishing). I have such big plans for you this year, I hope you are ready!

Dear Family Dogs,  Please don’t keep me up late, or wake me up in the middle of the night, cause you want to wonder the town. I enjoy my sleep, as do you all day. So please no more night-time adventures.

Dear Oldest Child, I can’t believe you will be 8 this week! I can’t believe how fast time goes. My first baby and now you are almost 8. You once were so small, and now you are getting so big! Sesame street has given way to plants vs. zombies, and duplo blocks to robot building. I am so proud of you!

Dear Leaky Sink, I disagree with you right now. You have a job and you are making a mess of it! Please change it, that’s all.