My Little Letters

Dear Spring,

I know you are not here yet even though it feels like it lately. I want you to know I cant wait for you this year in all your full blooming glory!

Dear Winter,il_fullxfull.2283478601

I am not much of a fan of you, and this year was a hard one. I must say I hope you are done for this year, I am ready to lay you to rest.

Dear Time,

I do not know where you go, but I look up and you are gone. I see your movement on my children daily. My babies look older than they should and I know that’s because of you. please be gentler on us, these moments, days, months and years I will never get back, so slow down a bit will ya?

Dear Angel Baby,

I have lost your for more than 2 months now, you would be over halfway here by now, and I still grieve. Knowing I wont ever get to hold you. My hope is that you are in heaven, and I will get to see you one day. You should have a few siblings there, (you will probably fight less than your siblings here, its heaven after all).

Dear Husband,

I appreciate the man you are, and your support. This is our year, 2015 will be great!

Dear Mr. UPS,

I feel you are probably a little annoyed with seeing my address on your route almost daily.  I may over abuse amazon, I am sorry for that.

Dear Self,

Slow down, and stay calm. Life is happening exactly as it should. Tomorrow will have worries of its own. So enjoy the moment,  and take more pictures!



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