Do You Dream of the Simple Life?

Are you ready to start making that dream a reality?


The 'old ways' have made a comeback. From goat keeping to gardening, chickens to fermenting, all the knowledge you need to navigate the path to the simple life. 


Education has come a long way. Homeschooling has more benefits and advantages than ever before. Learn how homeschooling and the simple life go hand-in-hand.

Natural Health

The not new, rather, renewed way of thinking that health comes naturally. Eliminating toxins, making probiotic foods & homemade antibiotics. Everything you need to be simply healthy. 

Family Life

The heart of it all, family is the center of a simple life. Marriage, babies, children, and the art of slow living, family life was meant for the simple life. 

Hey y'all, I'm Beth, Lucky wife, homeschooling mother to 5 little ones, Army veteran, garden lover, homesteader, and part-time chicken wrangler & all-around goat hollor'n kinda lady. Striving to live in a healthy and sustainable way on this journey through motherhood ♡♡♡ Read More....

Our Mission

We have learned that living a simple and healthy life has become extremely difficult in these modern times. This is why it has become our passion to find simple solutions to help families live a healthier, simpler and more sustainable life. Whether you have been on this journey for a while or you are just now beginning to look for a path out of the chaos and to a simple life, we are glad you are here. 

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