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Postpartum Thyroid Care

If you have followed any of the thyroid post you know that I have a recovered, but once had hypothyroidism. Before thyroid problems I would have never guessed thyroids can change so much! Man that little gland rocked my world for a while. So being a little gun-shy, I try to always keep thyroid supporting in the back of my mind. When my thyroid first started acting up it was a few months after the birth of my 3rd Child. It was winter time, and we were not eating very healthy, but rather very cheap (our income was more seasonally based). When you combine low nutrient food, hormone changes, and low vitamin D you get a thyroid demolishing super combo!

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So I find myself in a similar situation now, mostly being postpartum in winter months when Vitamin D from the Sun is low. However we try to get nutrient packed food all the time now. Also I have knowledge on my side now! So shedding hair is natural after pregnancy and birth, and man do I shed a lot! However that is also a sign of thyroid problems. So when My hair began to shed after baby 4, I was now alert. So to make sure the thyroid does not begin to struggle I made a few adjustments to add back in my healthy thyroid routine (well short of quiet time) new babies kinda make that hard to come by!

Postpartum thyroid care

Here was my routine I followed to heal my thyroid to begin with( you can read all about my thyroid journey Here)


  1. Oil Pulling with Coconut oils (remove toxins)
  2. Quiet time/ meditation session (reduce stress)
  3. Herbal tea with 1 tsp Coconut oil. (coconut oil aids the metabolism kicking the thyroid back into action)
  4. Red Maca (find the best stuff here)
  5. L-Tyrosine and L-Arginine supplement
  6. Iodine supplement
  7. Amino Acid Complex supplement
  8. Hypothyroid Essential oil routine*
  9. Fermented Cod liver oil (high in vitamin D and does wonders on the mood)

Mid day

  1. Herbal tea with 1 tsp coconut
  2. L-Tyrosine L-Arginine supplement
  3. Hypothyroid Essential oil routine*
  4. Meditation quite time (during kids nap time)


  1. L-Tyrosine L Arginine Supplement
  2. Herbal Tea with 1 tsp coconut oil.
  3. Red Maca
  4. Iodine supplement (twice a day, till I no longer run low)
  5. Hypothyroid Essential oil routine*
  6. Meditation quiet time before sleeping

This is my routine that I keep on my fridge and if I feel that I have any symptoms starting to show

    • Lack of patience irritability
    • Excessive hair loss
    • Thyroid pain (pain in the neck! LOL, quite literally! or rather the mid to high part of the throat area)
    • Unexplainable weight gain or unable to lose weight when trying
    • Severe fatigue even when fully rested

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These are very obvious signs for me, I watch for them. Not like I need to, when my thyroid caused hair loss, my vacuum looked like I swept up a long-haired cocker spaniel, that is pretty hard to miss! So watch for signs. Extreme fatigue when you have had a full nights rest, is a clue. Postpartum time is best used for baby bonding time and not exhaustion, irritability and thyroid problems! Happy Healing♡♡♡

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