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Restless leg syndrome is no fun at all, and I am absolutely sure anyone who has ever had to deal with it would agree. Many, many people suffer with this on an ongoing basis and some only some of the time. While many also suffer just during pregnancy. Now, I never had a understanding of how this felt at all until I was pregnant with child number 4. And for some unfortunate reason restless legs and pregnancy can go just about hand in hand. Pregnancy being, well, less than comfortable as it is, finding natural and healthy restless leg syndrome relief is a must!

Restless Leg Syndrome or (RLS) is characterized by the uncontrollable urge to move ones legs especially at night and is often connected with a magnesium deficiency. Being a deficiency the best thing we can do is to add foods high in magnesium into our diets. The problem we can run into, is that much of the time our foods are low in the nutrients they should have. Many aspects of our current agricultural system and modern farming techniques have left our food void of nutritional value. That is one huge reason that led us to homestead and growing much of our own food.

Pregnancy related restless leg syndrome

Foods high in magnesium

Start with adding foods high in magnesium, and it is best first if you can grow some of your own, then next try organic, or farmers markets, where you can talk to the growers yourself. It is always best to add foods that are organic since they have been proven to have higher mineral and nutrient content, as well as having less chemicals and toxins.

  • dark leafy greens
  • seeds and nut
  • bananas
  • avacado
  • dried fruit

Here are a list of just a few that I find easy to add to my diet. I did a post awhile back on avoiding excessive pregnancy weight gain, in it I talking about eating raw foods and one of those is raw almond milk made with raw almonds and dates. Raw almonds and dates are both high in magnesium, making it a great thing to add to your diet, plus it’s just delicious.


Good quality prenatal vitamin

I always opt for raw and organic if and when I can. When it comes to vitamins I try to make sure they are not synthetic.  They are from actual food sources and if at all possible raw, so to not lose the nutritional content. I wish we lived in a world where we got all our needed nutrients from our food, however that is just not a reality. With today’s world, fast paced, stressed filled, and nutrient lacking vitamins have become a very important role especially in a healthy pregnancy.

Garden of Life Prenatal Vitamins – Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal Whole Food Multivitamin Supplement for Mom and Baby, Vegetarian, 180 Capsules

Magnesium oil

Toward the beginning of this current pregnancy, I noticed the restless leg thing start back up slightly, so I jumped all over trying magnesium oil. This is the one I get here, it is absolutely amazing, I will add it to bath water or mix it with body oil or moisturizer and rub it on my feet before bed, it works amazingly well. I trust what is in it, and I love that (this one comes in a glass bottle, which I also love).

Trace mineral drops

As we all know many, many people are now suffering from deficiencies. Much of the time we don’t notice and if we do, we think that a pill will cure it. Not so, my friends, we just need to help fix that deficiency. Trace mineral drops are amazing and it is another supplement, we use often.  In fact I use these drops in our Easy DIY Toothepaste recipe, it helps to remineralize teeth, and therefore avoid painful and expensive dental work, or worse mercury filled fillings! These drops tout an impressive 125% DV of magnesium. So consuming these drops in a glass full of water daily should help to fill any nutritional gaps or deficiencies.

Trace Minerals Research – Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops – 8oz

Pregnancy and restless leg syndrome

Pregnancy has many difficulties, especially with rest at night (let’s just be honest the bathroom trips are unreal). So letting restless legs keep you up, does not have to be one of them. Having alternatives, that do not include using Benadryl to get you to sleep because your legs are bothering you, is so much more helpful and healthy. Pregnancy can be a trying time, lord do I know! Fortunately, things like restless legs while we sleep do not have to be part of it. With a little extra attention to what we put in our body, we can find simple yet effective restless leg syndrome relief ♡♡♡

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