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The best of beets | 5 amazing beet recipes

Beets, what’s not to love? Really! They are so super simple to grow, and if you find yourself doing a fall garden these are the best for a simple fall garden! Then there is the fact that they are amazingly healthy (the fountain of youth, I am sure, is a fountain of beet juice). Don’t believe me? Did you know that beets increase your body’s nitric oxide production? That my friends is something everyone wants! So you want the beets in your life right? That’s what I thought. But how do you eat them, you say? Try these 5 amazing beet recipes and you won’t be disappointed. These guarantee you will love adding the ‘beets’ in your life!

Amazing beet recipes

5. Beet & Feta Cheese Salad

If you have beets coming out of the garden (or even out of the grocery store) by the arm loads this is a recipe you absolutely must try. It is simple but delicious. Plus this is very versatile and there are many other veggies that add in very nicely , kale, cucumber and carrots are all make wonderful additions.

4. Beet, Carrot & Apple Salad

This delicious and healthy recipe is also simple, and if you are a busy mom, simple is wonderful. Peel, shred, toss and go, that’s my idea of a great salad. One day in the very far off future I may be a foodie, spending hours in the kitchen doting over my homemade goodies. Most likely though that day will never come for me, so simple and healthy and in this case also raw, is winning in the kitchen for this lady!

3. Beet Chips

When the snack monster attacks and you have a craving for something salty and crunchy, this is the thing you want. We have all been there when we aren’t hungry but we feel like snacking. We could reach for a bag of chips, or…. better yet, beet chips. Fresh healthy homemade beet chips can beat the pants off a store-bought bag of potato chips any day. Simple, but oh so tasty!

2. Pickled Beets with Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey 

If you have a picky eater in your home (I know I do) this one has always been a real crowd pleaser, even to my pickiest of eaters. It is easy to make keeps in the fridge for a while. It makes a good side or even a fun snack a little sweet a little sour. This beet recipe also has the simplest of ingredients so it’s neither complicated or loaded with junk (like sugar). I don’t know if it’s just me but, when I can turn a healthy root vegetable into a snack item my kids request I kinda feel like I have super powers.

1. Naturally Cultured Beets

Love, loooooove this recipe! It is fermented (an awesome way to get probiotics), easy to make and only requires beets and salt! This is one of my favorite ways to enjoy beets, (in fact when I was pregnant I craved these).  With this awesome recipe can’t beat the health benefits of the beet itself, but then there is also the probiotics. Plus anytime I can have fresh healthy prepared veggies I don’t have to make that night for dinner that’s a win. I ferment a big batch of these and add them as a side for many meals to come! That is a big win for a busy but health conscious mom.

Beet recipes

It took a while for my fondness of beet s to grow to what it is today. After discovering how easy they are to grow and how healthy they are I became a beet lover and never looked back.  Beets can seem a little intense at first, and without a good recipes it can be easy to just want to avoid them. Discovering new and healthy ways to use beets, makes them easier to grow, eat and love. There are many healthy ways to enjoy beets, raw is best when possible, and of course always avoid refined sugar. These 5 recipes are all easy, delicious and will make you into a beet lover too♡♡♡

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