Thyme a favorite miracle plant

So many benefits

Rarely in life do we run across things that are truly beneficial on many areas of life. When something like that does come along we tend to perk up and notice. At least we should. As the Upcycled family we have only begun to notice these things ourselves in recent years. For us Upcycled is a term with much meaning. We believe God knew best at the beginning. We believe The Creator set everything in its proper direction and when we search out that direction and not follow mainstream world we will find the better path. We believe plants are Gods medicine. We believe man-made pills will never touch the awesome goodness, of natural, beautiful herbs.



Thyme is one of my favorite examples. Thyme is so amazing, in so many areas. Thyme in the garden, is a miracle plant. Thyme in our bodies is a miracle cure, a miracle medicine.  Thyme is beautiful, delicate and  powerful. Its known use goes back to ancient Egypt. Throughout the ages it had many different uses from warding off nightmares to a natural antiseptic and a ton of others in between.

Thyme Oil

Lets just start here. Thyme essential oil has many actions and uses, powerful uses. It should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet.

Thyme oil

Thyme  Essential Oil Actions

  • Anthelmintic (destroying and expelling intestinal worms)
  • Antimicrobial
  • Antioxidant
  • Antiputrescent (Prevents and combats decay)
  • Antirheumatic  (prevent/relieve rheumatism)
  • Antiseptic
  • Antispasmodic
  • Antitussive (relieves coughs)
  • Antitoxic (counteracts the effects of poison)
  • Aperitif (appetite stimulant)
  • Astringent
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Bactericidal (destroys bacteria)
  • Balsamic (soothing medicine)
  • Carminative (settles the digestion system)
  • Cicatrisant (promotes healing by formation of scar tissue)
  • Diuretic
  • Emmenagogue (assists menstruation)
  • Expectorant (promotes removal of mucus from respiratory system)
  • Fungicidal (prevents/combats fungal infection)
  • Hypertensive (raises blood pressure)
  • Nervine (strengthening to the nervous system)
  • Revulsive (relieves pain by diversion)
  • Rubefacient (causes redness to the skin)
  • Parasiticide (prevents and destroys parasites to include fleas and lice)
  • Stimulant- to the immune and circulatory systems
  • Sudorific (causes sweating)
  • Tonic (strengthens whole or specific body parts)
  • Vermifuge (expels worms)

* check out the Book The Encyclopedia of Essiental oils by Julia Lawless an amazing resource and information used for this post*

Wow that’s a long list right! Seeing this list now takes me back to times I wish I knew that just Thyme oil would do this. Times when I opted for much less healthy chemical alternatives. A dog with fleas, carpet with fleas, kids with lice, house with sickness/ germs. My list of what ‘I wish I did do instead’ could go on forever!

However what I do know and can attest to is using it now. A year and a half ago 2 of my kids were exposed to hand foot and mouth an illness related to chicken pox, affecting mostly children. It was the holiday season and it spread quickly before symptoms were even showing. We gave our kids baths with thyme oil. We had 2 rough days of cranky kids, with low-grade fevers and very few sores. Where as others in our extended families were covered in sores and were out of commission for up to 3 weeks! As a very infectious illness you don’t want to do much to spread it to other, we were hardly affected more than a common cold. I am a believer in natural medicine, and a bout of hand foot and mouth proved the amazing healing and restoring abilities of thyme on a couple of sick kids.

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Thyme in the Garden

So now knowing what thyme essential oil can do, what can other forms of thyme do?

Companion planting thyme next to many plants keeps pests away with zero chemicals. Thyme is great at keeping many types of worms away. Cabbage worms, corn earworms, and tomato worms, as well as potato beetles. So companion planting them with potatoes, corn, cabbage, tomatoes, strawberries, onions, chives, asparagus, carrots and lima beans, just to name a few!

  • Repels garden pests
  • Increases flavor of some plants (tomatoes)
  • Attracts bees
  • Looks and smells amazing in garden
  • Gives you fresh thyme on hand
  • Grows as a perennial


Great ways to use thyme

As  natural health advocates and a family striving to removes toxins and chemicals everywhere around us. We look for ways to replace all those unhealthy products with natural or home-made ones (saves money too!)

  1. Grow in garden to repel pests
  2. Grow near other plants for companion planting
  3. Grow in flower beds to attract bees
  4. Fresh or dried thyme in chicken nesting boxes
  5. Dry for on hand herbal tea
  6. Thyme tea during almost every sickness
  7. Thyme oil for natural pet/ carpet flea spray
  8. Thyme oil for air and house disinfectant spray
  9. Thyme oil for natural DIY hand sanitizers
  10. Thyme oil for acne skin cleansing
  11. Thyme in a DIY  healing salve
  12. Thyme oil for shampoo with a lice outbreak
  13. Thyme oil for non-vaxers with measles, mumps or chicken pox or even hand foot and mouth. (always diluted with carrier oils or in bath water)
  14. Plant creeping time instead of grass for easy lawn maintenance
  15. Infusing fresh thyme into oils for health, beauty or nutrition purposes.
  16. Infuse fresh thyme into honey, for supercharged immunity booster
  17. Thyme dried for potpourri or dried flower arrangements with a health kick
  18. Infusing in tincture with other herbs for natural non-deet insect spray for body
  19. Thyme in food used fresh or dried as a spice or flavor additive

I am sure there is many more things that can be added to that list. I am also sure there is much more still to learn about this amazing plant. Helping everyone make more natural healthy choices can help so much. Thyme is one of those things we think everyone should plant and use. If it would help be more healthy food for bees. If it could help a family use less prescription antibiotics. It is so worth the little effort and it such a cheap alternative to so many things.  Explore ♡♡♡

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