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To Heal A Thyroid Part 2

What girl doesn’t enjoy having long thick hair? I mean our hair is our crowning glory right? So what if that nasty little thing called hypothyroidism is stealing your beautiful hair? Its depressing right? Oh trust me do I know… Having excessive hair loss is one of many thyroid symptoms, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it or accept it.

Ridding yourself of thyroid hair loss

This is a several part series, but stick with me. If you have missed the first part of this series read this post here.  After getting fed up with hypothyroidism and believing it can not be healed, I made some changes.  How are those changes working? Well, I have been off synthetic thyroid hormone for 2 weeks now. I have stuck to my plan that I outlined in part 1. So far so good. There are moments that I think my thyroid or that area hurts but this happened on synthetic thyroid hormone as well. The one major difference I have noticed is my hair. Excessive hair loss is one of many problematic thyroid symptoms.

Healing thyroid disease

When the hair loss reared its ugly head

When the thyroid problems started for me, I was losing hair at a massive rate. I do mean massive, I could make a shedding dog envious! Once it was “under control” with medication the amount of hair lost on a daily basis, dropped dramatically but was still a ton more than normal. So having thick hair saved me during those 2 years, but I had normal hair no longer thick. Since starting my natural routine my hair loss is almost none. A few hairs in the drain seems amazing compared to what it has been for 2+ years now. The shedding hair would get washed stuck to clothes, towels, everything pretty much, and come out as huge hair balls in the dryer, from me!

Having less hair loss in itself is great, however that is only a symptom, not the problem. Keep in mind the real goal it total recovery, complete healing. Not, what I have Doctors tell me, “it just about symptom management”.  Symptom management is a decision to stay sick, and that is not the goal I am going for.

 The recap

  • The hair loss has stopped
  • Thyroid ‘tired’ has not returned
  • No unexplainable weight gain
  • Mood is better than expected
  • No synthetic thyroid hormone in over 2 weeks

Keeping my fingers crossed but I think I am on the way to full thyroid recovery! And even though the supplements may seem steep at first, I was looking at regular pharmaceutical medication FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! That’s a long time folks, and a lot of money so jump starting my endocrine system with some supplements for a while seems like small beans compared to that.

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I hope no one else has to heal their thyroid or it never went out on you in the first place, however I have learned it is far to common. Whatever reason you find yourself here, I am glad you are researching a natural path to full recovery instead of a lifetime of pharmaceutical dependence. Struggling with thyroid issues and symptoms does not always have to be the case, neither does thinning hair ♡♡♡

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