To Heal a Thyroid Part 3

In case you have not been following along, I personally decided to take on healing my own Hypothyroidism naturally. Which most of the medical world lead me to believe it does not get healed. Once it is broken, it’ broken. You take medications for the rest of your life, end of story. After 2 years of buying that story I decided enough…. Something happened for my thyroid to go haywire in the first place, they don’t just quit on 27-year-old women. My journey began with learning as much as I could, And trying it on myself! What better way to learn than to use my body to tell me how I feel.

I began over 2 months ago. I started by quitting a synthetic thyroid hormone as I also started several natural supplements and regimens. My whole plan I started with was on a prior post you can get that here. On part 2 I talked about how several symptoms I have had for the last two years have disappeared. One being massive hair loss (hooray for that one!)

TSH Levels

So now I want to update and tell you where I stand now. I had blood work done, and there have been massive improvement but I am not done yet. When they thyroid issue showed its ugly face 2 years ago, My TSH levels were 19.77. Now keep in mind that ” in range”  is considered .4 – 4. And “optimal range” being more like .4 – 2. Mine however,  was 19.77, the number sounds high but really I am hypothyroid (low thyroid) its complicated and sounds backwards, but its true. My recent blood work my TSH was 5.33! Ok not .4 – 2 like in the best possible range but so much better than 19.77. So I know I am on the path to healing.

Healing hypothyroidism naturally

So I want to talk about a few things that I have learned in this process. A head ache is a sign of high TSH levels. (TSH is thyroid stimulating hormone, the higher the TSH the lower functioning the thyroid). So when a headache appears I do what I can to stop, reduce stress, before it tumbles out of control. If my energy is low I take Maca. Also I found a few more pieces of info on a site with great thyroid info click here. One of those things talks about people who suffer from low thyroid typically have low stomach acid. Making digesting and using some of those nutrients and supplements less effective. So adding lemon (high acid content) to water that you take your supplements with, helps your body to digest and use the supplements.

Lastly I would like to say what pushed me down this road to a natural cure. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism after the pregnancy with my third child. Most people in the medical world told me as long as I am on my medications I am fine, So I believed that. I became pregnant about 18 months after diagnosis, and 9-10 weeks of gestation, I miscarried. This was a 2nd miscarriage for me, but my first since diagnosis. With recurrent miscarriage doctors tend to try to dig in and find out why. Every test possible was ran from lead levels, progesterone, some sort of blood clotting thing just to name a few. EVERYTHING tested out normal. So I decided on my own its having a broken thyroid depending on synthetic thyroid hormone. So I began all this. Well I now need to announce I am expecting again. I sit at 12 weeks and 4 days as of right now. That’s with a TSH level of 5.33, and NO synthetic thyroid hormone. I am on lots of healthy products, foods and supplements and herbs.

Healing hypothyroidism

So you our blog readers now know more than most everyone in our lives. Nothing is worse than announcing a pregnancy then having to tell people over and over again that its gone. The judgement that often comes with pregnancy (or at least for us) along with the sympathy and the hard issues I don’t like to talk about. For our you, the readers I don’t feel the judgement, and we are really just sharing our life and experiences. So if you have had a thyroid problem and you struggle, don’t feel alone, I am there with you! For everyone who wants hope that they can heal past what the medical community tells you is possible, stick in there. For everyone wanting pregnancy and having a thyroid hold you back, there is hope. Healing CAN happen!!


If you have had thyroid problems or questions please feel free to comment.

I wanted to add a recent update to this post. As of April 22, 2015

The latest results from the thyroid test are getting even better.  The original TSH level that was very high was 19.77 then down to 5.33 which I announced earlier on this post.  Its has been about 6 weeks since the last test but now MY TSH levels are Drum-roll……….


I am amazed by the results. The pregnancy is continuing on normally. So with the recent finding I  don’t feel like I’m completely out of the danger zone, however with a continuing usage  of supplement and herbs I believe my thyroid can and will be fully healed. I am so excited to announce this. It was a personal goal of mine to heal myself naturally. As I say that I need to say I feel God pushed me to seek a natural cure. So the Glory goes to him and him alone. Conventional medicine can’t touch the natural systems that God placed in our bodies and in the wonderful herbs and nutrients he intended for our use.

This gives me hope, and I hope it gives you out there hope as well. If there is a sickness there is a very good chance God already has a way to heal it, we just need to tap into it.

I will continue to update about thyroid levels until after the pregnancy, and keep you informed on the natural thyroid healing process♡♡♡

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