Top 10 supplements

Our top 10 can’t go without, supplements/foods

1.  Maca– We use red and black maca varieties. Black maca is my husbands, and is best for muscle-building, endurance, male fertility, Maca-powder-and-rootand mental focus. Red maca I use, and is best for hormone balancing, female fertility, bone and prostate health. Maca is helpful in so many areas that is why I am putting it number 1 on my must have list. It’s known to help with energy, endurance, mental focus, fatigue, skin tone, acne, bone/ teeth health, hair growth, hormone balancing, thyroid balancing, sexual functions and fertility. I absolutely see a difference in many things when I take maca regularly. I use a powder and mix it with water mostly but you can add it to other things. Maca is an everyday supplement/ food I don’t want to go with out.

2.  Coconut oil– This is not so much a supplement as a food, but I use it as both. It’s added coconut oilto coffee or tea as an extra boost. We use it in our tooth paste, food and skin remedies. Coconut oil helps with thyroid problems and helps to raise the metabolism. There are many many amazing articles on the science behind coconut oil, so I wont go into all that. However since it is such a versatile multipurpose healthy item, its gets spot number 2 on my list of my top 10 supplements I don’t want to go a day without.



3. Garlic– Garlic as a food/ supplement is such an amazing over all health item. I can not state enough how often we go straight to Garlic1garlic for all kinds of health issues. When a child starts to show signs of sickness, garlic comes out. We use garlic as a go to item all winter long. We have a no heat pickling sort of recipe that gets used like a snack, a vitamin and a cure for a cold. 4-6 jars last us through the winter months. My kids love them and we don’t suffer many colds, if so they are short and not drawn out. Garlic also is very useful in ear infections, yeast infections, yeast diaper rashes and thrush.



4. Herbs– I use herbs in many ways almost daily, and the many different herbs would take up much more than 10. Herbs what is there herbsto say, except I love herbs! Herbs are amazing. I use them in food, and teas daily. They can be put in pill capsules, oils, butters, alcohols salves and so much more. I have a ton of favorite herbs but here is just a few that I love the most. Thyme, Lavender, Rosemary, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Mints and Sage, Dandelion and that’s just a few that I love. I can’t wait for summer I have so many plans for herbs and growing my own is the bast way to know they are truly organically grown. I plan to post on all my herb adventures!


5. Essential oils– Like #4 there are so many essential oils to list that they have to be combined to just one spot. Essential oils can seem pricey but compared to what can be spent on health care, its nothing. Essential oils are so amazing and the benefits are endless. essential oilsEssential oils are used everywhere for everything in our home. Helping to aid children to sleep, aiding children in concentration in school work, healing the body, detoxifying the body, cleaning the house, curing hand foot and mouth disease we have used essential oils for everything. We can make natural “green” cleaners for much cheaper. We have replaced Pharmaceutical medications, for a healthier cheaper alternative. We have used it for hair  health, skin health, calming diaper rashes and much more. I wish I could go back to the days before our more natural God inspired life and tell myself there is a better way!


6. Fermented Cod Liver Oil– I am a believer in this stuff. I can not say I am a long time user, I am fairly new to using this. However, cod liver oilmy experiences with is make me put it at place 6. I would say I am like most Americans and am low on Vitamin D. Vitamin D is a nutrient that, that would benefit everyone to get proper levels of. Mood, emotions and hormones are all connected to vitamin D. I feel am improvement in my teeth, my mood, my emotional state since started on Fermented cod liver oil. Through doing a lot of research, I came to the conclusion that this may help me restore a hypothyroid back to full functioning state. That along with the amazing amount of benefits that come along with all the nutrients that are bio-available to the body, makes this a daily must have.


7. Dandy Blend– Dandy blend is a powder herbal beverage mix. It is very versatile and can be made into so much. A cup of black photo(replacement coffee), a frothy latte, or an amazing frappe (find my recipe here) that’s just to name a few. With dandelion and chicory root this is a liver/ kidney/ blood cleaning supplement that you get to enjoy one beverage at a time. Much better than some rough cleanses I have done before. Replace an expensive Starbucks coffee a day with this, and you will find a healthier looking version of you. regulates bowel movements, clears problem skin, helps regulate hormones with a healthier liver.


8. Apple Cider Vinegar– This is an age-old remedy. I need not explain too much. Everything from sunburns to laundry can really benefit from this one. Great for the digestive system, weight loss, raw vinegaracne, pet care, laundry, cleaning, pickling and fermented veggies. The uses for raw apple cider vinegar are endless. And even though I do not use it daily it is an ever ready in our cabinets, waiting for an ailment to cure or prevent.



9. Raw Honey– This is one I love and hate. I love the benefits I hate the sticky. So due to the great benefits I try to overlook my OCD problem with sticky things, especiallyraw-honeywhen near my children. Honey is another great detoxifier and great for the liver, so that’s why I drink it in my morning hot water honey and lemon mixture. Honey has a huge variety of vitamins and minerals that sugar does not. So sweetening with honey is such an added bonus. Honey helps heal tissue and wounds. Honey can help in seasonal allergies. Honey can with help mood, nerves, sore throats. Honey is a great source of energy and helps the body have deep restful sleep. So honey it up!


10. Lemon– I am a believer of all sorts of fruits but as a daily food/ supplement I would have to put lemon as 10 on my list. I use it daily lemons(or as much as I can) in water. I do this especially first thing in the morning hot water lemon and honey, great for the digestive system, the metabolism. Lemon is a natural alkalizer for the body, cleanses the bowels, detoxifies the liver. Lemon can rid the intestines of parasites. High in vitamin C. Lemons have anti-bacterial properties. Lemons have anti-cancer properties. Lemons strengthen blood vessels and arteries. That’s just touching on the amazing things that set this fruit apart from all rest. Lemons are so great that I plan to have my own lemon tree one day.



We are believers of many fruits and veggies, oils and natural foods. Here is our top 10 list but we never stop there. There is so much amazingly healthy things to put in our bodies♡♡♡

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