What the heck is a chicken saddle?

That does sound like the funniest thing ever right? You may picture a little leather saddle, with an ‘Indian in the cupboard’ size guy riding around on a chicken. Well that’s at least what I picture. When I first brought up chicken saddles to the hubs, he looked at me like I was an alien. So even though they are not a new thing they are not commonly heard of. Chicken/hen saddle or apron are all names used for the same thing. It is a little ‘apron looking’ little piece of material that is used to put on your hens backs to protect their feathers.

Lets be honest who wants their beautiful hens walking around looking roughed up?

Why should a chicken ever need one?

Feather damage

Well if you know my take on roosters are that they are useful and in the country necessary. Read Why every flock needs a good Rooster. The thing about roosters is they will do the mating thing, quite a bit really. They may even have their favorite hens. Well with all that mating comes damaged back feathers from rooster claws. The more favorite hens can get much worse damage. We have one Silver Speckled Hamburg that almost never lets a rooster catch her, she has perfect feathers. However I have a White Rock hen who has almost a completely bare back (I guess maybe she is a sexy chicken… Oh just kidding). So the solution, that where the chicken saddle or as some call it the hen apron come in.


Standard Size Chicken Saddles Hen Aprons Set of (5) Grab Bag Patterns Vary

Of course you can always buy a few, here is a link to a set of 5.  However you can also do it the DIY way download a PDF sewing pattern from etsy, and make them for super cheap. That’s my kind of thing, money-saving and problem solving all in one! Heck that way you can dress your chickens up any ol’ way you want. However when you have kids who want to help pick out some material you will get some Ninja Turtle, Star Wars and My Little Pony chicken saddles. Not quite the country chic look one might imagine on their beautiful free-range hens, but heck it still works.

DIY chicken saddle

So without to much effort or money a whole bundle of these can sew up quite quickly, an I am not a sewing pro. I made several with no more than a little beginning level sewing knowledge.

Chicken saddle

So maybe you are a frugalista like myself, Or maybe you prefer to just buy some. But a chicken saddle or hen apron comes in very handy at protecting your beautiful flock from feather damage.

Hen apron

So maybe you are thinking I spoil my chickens, and maybe I do. The lady at the material store certainly thought I was nuts! Hey it’s true, they get treated like royalty around here, and rightfully so. They clean up kitchen scraps and bugs, they help produce fertilizer, they help turn the compost and they keep us in high quality eggs . So if my girls need a few chicken saddles to keep their feathers beautiful, that’s what they’ll get. But it’s not only for looks, if their exposed backs get wounds or punctured by rooster claws and infection can start or the flock could start pecking at them. So the route of better safe than sorry♡♡♡

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