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Where in the World Are We? Homeschooling Geography with Games

Imagine turning your living room into a thrilling global classroom, where your kids embark on exciting adventures, exploring continents, countries, and cultures—all through the magic of homeschooling geography with games. Some days, it’s like I just can’t tap into that super homeschool mom mode. You know how it gets, right?

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5 Best Animals for Food Security on a Homestead

Are you looking to achieve food security through homesteading? If so, you’re in luck! Having the right animals on your homestead is essential for food security. Here is our top 5 pick of the best animals for food security on a homestead. No two people are exactly alike so no

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A No-Fuss Guide to Crafting REAL Cultured Buttermilk

Making REAL cultured buttermilk doesn’t have to be a fussy, difficult process. With a few simple steps and some basic ingredients, you’ll be enjoying fresh, homemade cultured buttermilk in no time. When we started milking goats and running on full dairy mode around our homestead all the time, I found

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natural healthcare for your homestead animals

How to Easily Implement Natural Healthcare for Homestead Animals

You’ve built your dream homestead with a variety of animals, and you want to ensure their health and happiness. Fortunately, there are simple and easy ways to implement a natural healthcare regimen for your homestead animals. By taking a few proactive measures, you can ensure you’re doing the best thing

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