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4 Easy Ways to Teach Gratitude in your Homeschool

How to teach gratitude in your homeschool. With November we often look for ways to incorporate thankfulness into our homeschool lives. Well, look no further than these fun ideas to use in your homeschool this November. Around our house we had just passed Halloween, and I do mean ‘just’, we

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how I had a natural birth after 5 c-sections

How I had a Natural Birth After 5 C-Sections

A natural birth after 5 c-sections may not be all that common, or easy, but it is possible. Here is my story of exactly that. If you have read any number of my posts around here you might quickly come to the conclusion that I often find myself at odds

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sourdough starter troubleshooting- strengthen a weak starter

How to strengthen a weak sourdough starter

Is your sourdough not performing the way you would like? With a little sourdough starter troubleshooting, you may find you just have a weak starter, and strengthening it is easier than you might think. I have loved sourdough artisan bread for years. However, what I learned once I started down

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how to homeschool multiple kids

How to homeschool multiple kids (grades & ages)

Maybe you are new to homeschooling or your family has grown and you now find yourself homeschooling multiple ages. Here are a few of my best tips and tricks for how I homeschool 5 kids of different grades and ages at once. Homeschooling doesn’t have to look like a traditional

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How to Make Herbal Elixirs

How to Make an Herbal Elixir

What is an herbal elixir and how do you make one? Well since we are going to dive into oner of my favorite subjects, herbs, pull up a chair and sit for a spell. This is about to get exciting! I don’t know maybe it it just me but everything

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Are your kids suffering the negative effects of 5G

Are your kids suffering the negative effects of 5G

5G technology is being greeted with mixed emotions. The telecommunications companies seem to say it’s good, but others are blowing the whistle. Are there negative effects of 5G exposure and if so is there anything we can do to protect ourselves, our kids, and our loved ones?? Dangers of 5G

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the easy guide to starting the homeschool year

The Easy Guide to start the Homeschool Year

The beginning of a homeschool year can always be a little tricky, for veteran homeschoolers but especially for new or even newish homeschoolers. This is a guide to help you start the homeschool year (with a fun checklist included)! This year we will be starting our 9th, yes 9th, year

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blueberry lemonade popsicle recipe

Easy Blueberry Lemonade Popsicle Recipe

For an easy yet still healthy summer snack try this uber-healthy blueberry lemonade popsicle recipe. Your kids will love it and you will be happy its do darn good for them too! My kids love popsicles and who can blame them the cold treat the hot summer, it’s a match

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7 Easy no Space Gardening Ideas

7 Easy No-space Gardening Ideas

Maybe you live in an apartment, a duplex or a rental and you would love nothing more than to grow your own healthy foods, but you lack the space. Don’t let a little issue of space keep you from your gardening dreams. With these easy no-space gardening ideas, your dream

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pros and cons to keeping guinea fowl

Pros and Cons of Keeping Guinea Fowl

Considering getting guinea fowl? Everything you need to know. The pros and cons of keeping guinea fowl. Have you have ever been out to a farm or homestead and heard some bird singing loud (and I do mean loud) and proud. When you got a look at it, it looked

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