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starting a garden

What to do Before Starting a Garden

Starting a garden may seem like a simple enough task, but here are a few things to do before to ensure success. Are you a gardener or do you aspire to be? Don’t be fooled by the internet, all the google searches, or your husband’s judgy Aunt Judy, gardening is

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herbalist garden

13 of the Best Plants for a Medicinal Garden

No matter if you are a beginner at gardening or using herbs for medicine, you will love these 13 easy-to-grow plants for the medicinal garden. I am a lover of herbs and medicinal plants. I dream in shades of green, overflowing cottage gardens, and homegrown herbal-remedy-filled apothecary cabinets. Of all

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Easy Crockpot Pear Sauce Recipe

Easy Crockpot Pear Sauce Recipe

If you have pears and want to make pear sauce then look no further than this Tasty Crockpot Pear Sauce Recipe that is perfect for canning (or even eating right away!) If your husband’s co-worker, mom’s boss, or neighbor says, “My Aunt (mother/brother/sister-in-law/or second cousin 3 times removed) has a

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homeschool reading challenge (1)

How I got my kids to read 50-70 books last year

How do you get kids these days to read more books? Like a real substantial amount of books? Want to know how I got my homeschool kids to start reading more? By more, I mean lots more. Check out the homeschool reading challenge. It is a well-studied subject that those

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best gardening books for permaculture

The 5 Best Gardening Books for Permaculture

Maybe you have been into gardening and want to take it up a level or you have begun to learn about permaculture and you want to implement it in your garden. These are the 5 Best Gardening Books for Permaculture. If you have followed us very long you know we

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Olive Oil & Rosemary Sourdough crackers

Olive Oil & Rosemary Sourdough Crackers

Do you love herbs? These Olive Oil & Rosemary Sourdough Crackers are a tasty way to eat more herbs, especially rosemary. My third child is like his mom and loves making things out of sourdough. Last year when he was 7 he asked if he could keep his own sourdough

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How to start a permaculture cottage garden

Do you like the look of a cottage garden but want something more earth-friendly that can also feed you with less work than a veggie garden? Why not start a permaculture cottage garden? What is a permaculture cottage garden What is a permaculture cottage garden you ask? Well, let’s start

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4 Easy Ways to Teach Gratitude in your Homeschool

How to teach gratitude in your homeschool. With November we often look for ways to incorporate thankfulness into our homeschool lives. Well, look no further than these fun ideas to use in your homeschool this November. Around our house we had just passed Halloween, and I do mean ‘just’, we

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how I had a natural birth after 5 c-sections

How I had a Natural Birth After 5 C-Sections

A natural birth after 5 c-sections may not be all that common, or easy, but it is possible. Here is my story of exactly that. If you have read any number of my posts around here you might quickly come to the conclusion that I often find myself at odds

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