Do You Dream of the Simple Life?

Are you ready to start making that dream a reality?


The 'old ways' have made a comeback. From goat keeping to gardening, chickens to fermenting, all the knowledge you need to navigate the path to the simple life. 


Education has come a long way. Homeschooling has more benefits and advantages than ever before. Learn how homeschooling and the simple life go hand-in-hand.

Natural Health

The not new, rather, renewed way of thinking that health comes naturally. Eliminating toxins, making probiotic foods & homemade antibiotics. Everything you need to be simply healthy. 

Family Life

The heart of it all, family is the center of a simple life. Marriage, babies, children, and the art of slow living, family life was meant for the simple life. 

Hey y'all, I'm Beth, Lucky wife, homeschooling mother to 5 little ones, Army veteran, garden lover, homesteader, and part-time chicken wrangler & all-around goat hollor'n kinda lady. Striving to live in a healthy and sustainable way on this journey through motherhood ♡♡♡ Read More....

Our Mission

You shouldn't have to worry about the food and products you give your family. Unfortunatly living a simple and healthy life has become extremely difficult in these commercial driven modern times. This is why it has become our passion to find simple solutions to help you and your familily live a healthier, happier, more sustainable and all around simplier life. Whether you have been on this journey for a while or you are just now beginning to look for a path out of the chaos and to a simple life, we are glad you are here. 

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