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10 Things

10 Things every city family needs, when moving to the country

So this may sound crazy, but a country family’s needs are a wee bit different than a city family. And I as a once city girl, (I say that but to some of you would think what I call city is seriously small town) I have learned things are different out here. So here is my list of the top 10 things a family will need upon moving to the country.

10. Rain Boots – for everyone

Toddler in muddy rain boots

My kids totally rocked these even in town, mostly cause mom liked to not have to help put them on. But out in the country, yuck happens. Poo a lot of poo- duck/chicken/goat/dog/cat and owl (just to name a few), mud, dirty hay, tall weeds, bugs. Now a lot of that list my kids actively go seek out to stomp in/on. However I like most adults do not do this, but there are many times flip-flops just don’t cut it. So rain boots are a must, plus they have an added bonus they provide you with that country chic look.


9. Big Freezer


In my pre-country life, I was like many of you. I loved my regular trips to target with a Starbucks drink in hand, couple kids in the cart, even if I didn’t need anything, just wanted to get out. (Ahhh, kinda miss those trips). Now I rarely go into town and with my favorite Target way far off, I don’t go just for fun. I go when I absolutely have to (like 0 more rolls of toilet paper on hand). So Food becomes a bigger deal, growing your own is great, but storage is the problem. Answer- BIG OL’ DEEP FREEZER.  In fact I got one and I am thinking I want to expand and get another, they are that important!


8. Cat


Country life has critters. That’s all there is to it. Mice and the country go together like peas and carrots. They will also go together with your barn, shop, garage, basement, water buckets, vehicle, house (pretty much everything). Well where there is a living pest problem there is a natural predator. That’s your run of the mill pound kitty. They love it, I have watched this, once glass room contained cat, hunt like a pro! Playing cat and mouse is a real thing people, not just a saying, who knew.


7. Dog

Farm dogs

So if I am real honest we had this already. Always been dog people, but they sure do come in handy. They alert you when something isn’t right on the property, for example a skunk. Surprisingly sometimes the smell will give that one away, but sometimes not too, it’s a toss-up. They also alert you when the UPS Man drives up, delivering gifts from the Amazon (Amazon semi-replaces target). They also are great for wearing paths around bushes where they endlessly, but usually unsuccessfully chase rabbits.


6. Robotic Vacuum

To be honest I don’t have this one, but I want it. I have been actively trying to convince the more logical side of this duo that we do in fact need one, that this truly is a “need” and not a “want”. Life with kids and pets is usually dirty anyway. However in the country it’s a little more unrestricted, plus 3 out of 4 of the kids are boys. And let’s be honest boys like mud, dirt, bugs and other gross things mothers don’t always want in the house.


5. Truck


For all the men reading this, many of you may think this is a necessity in life regardless right? I thought all those years living in town, a truck was a need like my closet full of high heels (I like them and they look great but my feet work without them too). Wrong out here I am not sure how we would get anything accomplished with out a truck. From animal feed to fence panels. From hauling goats to working out of the back of, a truck is a multi-purpose tool.


4. Bug suit


A bug suit, kinda like a bee suit, but not so much too. When it rains, it pours, and when that happens out here, bugs thrive. Now the Hubs (the more practical one) will layer up and put 2-3 shirts on, thick jeans, lace up boots, gloves and a hat. Me however that reminds me of the lesser pleasant days spent in the army out training or overseas, sweating my patootie off! So I usually opt for shorts and a tank top sometimes flip-flops, sometimes rubber boots. My plan usually attracts every mosquito and chiggar in the county! And for some reason when they get me it looks like I did jumping jacks in front of a pitching machine, I have huge welts everywhere. Now luckily I have an after bite remedy to help with mosquito bites,  check that out here. However the old saying goes and ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The prevention my friends, when forgoing the chemical filled toxic route, is a bug suit. Cheap. Breathable. Reusable.


3. Porch Swing

Another one, I do not currently have. However I have a plan, and this one is a must. Especially if you have a big porch to go with it. I am planning on having a porch swing, rocking chairs and hammock for relaxing in. The country has its amazing moments where the quiet comes together with perfect weather, or a beautiful rain storm way out in the middle of nowhere. These are moment best experienced from a porch swing.


2. Riding Mower

This one is another very very very important tool. One that is kinda expensive, and not fun or exciting at all what so ever. However, when the grass and weeds threaten to overtake your beautiful country spread, that’s when the OL’ Mower comes in handy.  And the bigger the better. One could spend 1000’s here! And the more you send the more time mowing you will save, so it comes down to priorities. So this one takes spot 2, cause it’s that important.


1. Noise Makers AKA a whole gaggle of children

Noise makers, mess makers, scraped my knee and need a band-aiders, you got it kids and plenty of them. There was a reason people of long ago had so many (my great-grandmother was one of 14!) that reason is help. Kids go run the kitchen scraps to the chickens will you? Take the compost bucket out for me will you? My hands are covered in dough, kids will you go get that package from the UPS man? Someone let the cat out! Who wants to open the chicken coop? Who wants to go gather eggs? Also they help to justify the need for number 6, the robotic vacuum, very important.  If you ever find yourself having to much peace and quiet, I mean quiet can get deafening (not that I know that first hand, I could just imagine). A whole gaggle of kids and an old farm house go together perfectly. They can help ride on the mower #2, they can dance in the rain so you need #3, they like holding down the bed of the truck, so you need #5, their very existence means you need #6, dogs love kids you need #7, cats love kids (sometimes) so you better get #8, justify the need for the big freezer so you for sure need #9, and gives you some people to put all those rain boots on in #10!

img_2410img_1354Mess makersMowing helperTruck bed ridersDance in the rainEgg gatheringDuckling helperDirty boys

Farm timeFarm time

I may need to add to this list in the future, I am still learning here ♡♡♡

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