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17 Homesteading Skills for the Eager Homesteader

Homesteading is a dream journey to many. Dreaming of the day to escape a 9-5 or city sidewalks and trading that in for dirty hands, farm-fresh eggs and herb gardens. What, if anything, can you do while you are waiting to own your piece of natures best?  17 of the best homesteading skills to hone for the would-be homesteader.

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I once dreamed of our homestead life, and honestly, at first I never thought it would actually happen. After deciding to be happy as an urban homesteader, I set out to learn and homestead as much as we could in our little city lot. Realizing I did not need the wide open spread of a country scene complete with an old red barn to start my dream. I could learn to garden, tend to chickens, preserve food and so much more without ever leaving my urban oasis.

After a little twisting of the Mr.’s arm we were off like a herd of turtles on our homesteading adventure.

With nothing more than a vintage life dream we soon began to understand our homesteading skills were also frugal living skills, cleaner eating skills, food security skills, confidence building skills, and just plain learning to be awesome skills, if I do say so myself (homesteading skills should be considered a superpower, just saying).

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Homesteading skills to learn

Call it frugal living skills, self-sufficiency skills or pioneer skills. None of us would be here today if those in generations past hadn’t been really good at these skills. The great thing is you can learn and do these anywhere you want, with or without that dream homestead spread.

Homesteading skills for apartment living…

Check, done.

Beginner homesteading on your own urban homestead…

What a perfect place to start.

  1. Growing a basic kitchen herb garden
  2. Learn to compost
  3. Specialize in techniques to building the soil naturally
  4. Learn to garden
  5. Discover companion planting
  6. Master artisan bread making
  7. Pick up on canning garden veggies
  8. Get the knack of fermenting garden veggies
  9. Learn to make probiotic foods
  10. Dive into natural first aid
  11. Learn how to grow and use medicianal herbs
  12. Get the hang of poultry keeping
  13. Explore ways to upcycle, recycle or reuse
  14. Identify ways to save money on animal feed
  15. Determine what if any animals you would like to raise (vegans can homestead too!)
  16. Unearth sewing and mending skills
  17. Map out your ultimate homesteading goals and plans

Homesteading skills for beginners

This list is by no means in any kind of specific order. Think of it as a flexible guide and dive in on what strikes you. Homesteading is a unique journey (don’t let anyone convince you different). Starting where you are is the best thing, and if we are honest the ONLY thing you CAN do.

So if that long-lost relative doesn’t show up wanting to gift you a farm, (and let’s be real that’s not happening today), then you can be confident in knowing that goal to learn to can your own jams is completely in your grasp.

homesteading skills

If you have unrealized homestead dreams, fear not! You don’t need that perfect future to come knocking on your door with a deed to a full-blown farm. You can begin your homesteading journey right where you are, and it will be easier than you think. Starting your dreams by nailing down a few homesteading skills that call to you! Be it baking bread or learning your first garden, your dreams ands passions can be realized now. You will become more confident and driven while learning to hone those homesteading skills that mean the most to you. Most importantly you will be taking action, actions on your dreams! And that my friend is always magic♡♡♡

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