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30 things to NOT say to parents of a big family

Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something. ~ Plato


Have you ever met someone and thought you should talk less, that maybe they say things that are no where near appropriate. 30 things to not say to a big family.

Last week week while we were traveling out of town for the day we decided to stop in a quiet restaurant for lunch and with 5 kids we thought the back corner booth out of the way is best. When a guy unfamiliar with family life, or appropriate things to say to strangers walked by. As lunch progressed he managed to say more off the wall and off color comments than I have ever heard from a stranger.

As a result I was curious to ask other moms of large families and sometimes even moms of 1-2, “What is it that people have said to you about the size of your family?” The things I was told were just as shocking and as rude as what I have heard and even worse!

30 things to not say

  1. Wow, 1…2….3….4….5…..
  2. Conclusive evidence that labor pain is addictive
  3. Smart woman, thats the way to keep him at home….He could never afford all that child support.
  4. Why do you have so many kids?
  5. You know what causes that right?
  6. You need a TV in your bedroom
  7. That better be your last
  8. I can’t believe you have X # of kids
  9. You’re done right?
  10. It’s called birth control
  11. Well aren’t you fertile myrtle
  12. Are you pregnant again?
  13. You’ve got your hands full
  14. You must run a day care
  15. If you don’t stop your going to need a bus
  16. Are they all from the same litter?
  17. Snip snip
  18. Catholic or Mormon?
  19. You don’t need to repopulate the earth
  20. When’s the vasectomy scheduled?
  21. Are you trying to take over the country?
  22. Aren’t you tired?
  23. How do you do it?
  24. Do they all have the same father?
  25. Are they all yours?
  26. You can stop now you know
  27. Are you crazy?
  28. It’s a vagina not a clown car
  29. There goes everyones paycheck
  30. Can he not control himself?

The reality is this isn’t even a thorough list, just the common things.. Worse yet is that these people never mind that they say these things in front of the kids! Like a uterus is someone else’s business ever!!

The truth is it doesn’t even take a large family to get people to be rude about the number of kids you have. Most of the time the off color comments start when number two is on the way. I do know no parents ever enjoyed this, ever.

This list of 30 things to not say to parents of a big family, or any family ever really, is just a guide to send to all those who disapprove. You know the blunt mother-in-law or the not so prudent great-aunt, or anyone else who doesn’t approve of your uterine activities or parenting choices. Whether by birth, adoption or step-children,  children are not her to be shamed about, ever. To all those amazing parents, parent on ♡♡♡

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