5 easy herbs to grow in your kitchen herb garden

Ounce for ounce, herbs and spices have more antioxidants than any other food group. -Michael Greger

kitchen herb garden

Herbs have this almost romantic thing about them. The power they hold, the flavors, the ability to completely change a dish! I have grown a fantastic love of herbs in recent years. Though I do not know nearly enough or even as much as I wish, I have come to love herbs and herb gardening! The great thing about herbs is that a little is all you need. Making even the smallest of space more than enough! With herbs doubling for both food and medicine why not have a kitchen herb garden?

1. Thyme

Thyme is powerful, I mean it might as well be a superpower!  Healing, immune boosting, companion planting. Really the uses are endless. There are many different varieties, some even creeping beautiful carpet varieties. It is an easy to grow perineal, and bees love it! The benefits are also endless. I dove into this on a bit more here. Thyme can easily be grown inside in a clay pot to keep handy and fresh all winter long. Which is a really great idea since thyme is so effective at clearing out congestion and infection (both internally or externally).

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can be a life saver (or skin saver in times of need).  Many years ago when going through some military training, I caught someone else’s hot brass (very hot shell casings after being fired) in the neck of my body armor. It was really a complete freak accident. In this event I got 3 very hot rounds in my collar and they burned me badly. And neck skin is not the toughest. I ended up visiting my grandparents that weekend. My grandmother gave me a piece of a aloe vera leaf and told me to keep it refrigerated and to re apply the inner leaf several time a day. Which I did. My neck healed extremely fast, and it never scarred. I thought for sure I would have a horrible scar, but I never did. This was my first experience with aloe vera, but not my last! I now keep aloe vera handy at all times.

Aloe vera is really easy to grow. Water once a week and a little sun light and this stuff will thrive and produce more shoots regularly. In Fact my newest plant has put up 5 new plants in 7 months!

Aloe vera

So for skin issues and even some internal issues this plant and it amazing soothing, healing and tissue regenerative purposes, is a must for the kitchen herb garden.

3. Cilantro

Cilantro is really just one of my personal favorite herbs. I have always loved the flavor. I am a huge fan of Vietnamese food, and if you check out our Pinterest page (I have a board for healthy ethnic food which has healthy Vietnamese food on there!) Aside from the fact Vietnamese food usually has a lot of cilantro I also LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Putting the taste to the side for the moment this is one amazing herb and I believe it should be consumed regularly for all the many health benefits.


Cilantro is very effective at removing heavy metals from the body. Which is a very powerful thing in its self. However it is has been studied and shows positive effects on sleep, ability to help prevention of cardiovascular disease, lowering blood sugar, and even has positive research showing its anti-anxiety effects.

So if you love Vietnamese foods, or fresh salsa, or salads sprinkle on the fresh cilantro! Cilantro is a super easy kitchen herb garden, and its amazing health properties make it a no-brainer!

4. Rosemary

Rosemary is one I want to have growing everywhere. I want a big ol’ circle of rosemary surrounding my porch for pest free summer evenings! However rosemary is a perennial herb, and can take a while to get them that big and healthy. But that doesn’t mean I can enjoy them indoors until that time happens. Rosemary can grow very well in pots. They will even out grow the pots and you can split them to plant out doors or more for inside! However you may want to research the different varieties with your hardiness zone.

Rosemary is one of those amazing herb, that do many many things. Rosemary is known to enhance the cellular uptake of oxygen. That makes this one amazing for the brain, for memory and focus and to ward off migraine’s. It is also a powerful stimulant to the circulatory system, making it great for the cardiovascular system. It is also a great anti-inflammatory agent helping in situations like arthritis and joint issues.

Any herb that has this kind of medicinal power and adds so much flavor to recipes should definitely be considered for the kitchen herb garden

5. Oregano

Another great herb to grow throughout the winter season. This herb not only adds flavor and variety to your recipes it also has great anti-bacterial properties. And is very effective at curing and even preventing the common cold. But that is not where this herb stops, it also has great anti-inflammatory properties. There are also studies coming out showing the oregano even has cancer curing abilities, I am sure there is more research to come there but that is amazing!

As another powerful but also flavorful herb that can also be easily grown indoors in pot, it is an absolute must for my kitchen herb garden.

These are some of my favorite herbs to both cook with and use medicinally. So I like to keep them on hand and fresh, growing through the winter in my kitchen herb garden (which to be honest is not really in my kitchen, there is little natural light in my kitchen). And why stop with this list basil and dill are also amazing and great to have on hand. I have even read the ginger and turmeric can grow in pots (I will soon be trying this!) So if you find yourself on the path to a more self-sufficient life (read about that here) Herbs are one easy way to help yourself be healthier! So grow some herbs! And if you grow more than you need simply dry some out, and save for later, or share! The more the merrier right!♡♡♡

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