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5 lessons learned from Home-Schooling

After 3 years of homeschooling, I am finally starting to feel comfortable enough to write this. It was 3  years ago when I was first considering homeschooling. I was scared to death to homeschool my kids! What if I screw them up and they don’t learn anything? What if they hate school and learning because of me?

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So now I set having done Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade (almost finished) with my oldest, and preschool with my second. And I have learned a few lessons. Not huge profound lessons. But valuable lessons none the less. If you are scared of homeschooling as I was, some of those reasons may be ridiculous, and you don’t  know it yet. I was scared of the social stigma. I was scared my children would not learn. I was scared my state or my school district would pressure me to put them back in public school. Well now I am proud to say all of those things I was scared of, are a thing of the past. Here are my lessons learned.

1. Kids Learn

I was scared my kids wouldn’t learn if I taught them. That somehow they would only learn from someone with a teaching degree. This was a fear I had put there by a bad understanding of teachers. However what I did not stop to consider was that I know my kids, a teacher does not. So degree in education aside, that person could never know MY kids better than I. How they learn, what makes them tick. Those are my years in Mommy University. Since my oldest is 8 and I have 8 years of learning just that one child. Their 4 year degree in general education I have 8 years of specific education in understanding how to help and what hold my kid back. Plus I want to add that kids learn, they are sponges. They pick stuff up when you don’t even know it. Use every chance as a teaching lesson. Little things make huge differences.


2. Curriculum Isn’t difficult


Finding a curriculum doesn’t have to be scary, intimidating or expensive. I spent the summer before my first year of homeschooling about sick with worry. I was so worried over picking the right curriculum. What if I picked something where there would be learning gaps? Well I ended up spending $800 for my first year of Kindergarten curriculum, which was A LOT, looking back. We later tried Online public school.
Which left me feeling defeated and always behind, and like no time was left for my other littles. So we quickly switched back to getting our own curriculum. By 2nd grade we found a much more family friendly, budget happy curriculum. I have heard many great stories where family use entire curriculum’s that are free. There are tons of online resources for all sorts of stuff. Here are two of my favorite sites for free education use spellingcity.com and education.com. Also consider unschooling. We do a lot of this as well, just everyday life learning. Making learning where you are or where you need to be!

3. Socialization and society

I assumed everyone thought my kids would be weird. Never having style, looking out of sorts with reality. I can say that can happen, if you don’t enforce dressing properly in the morning. If you let your children run around with out of date clothing, and untamed hair you may become part of that “home school crowd”. However you stay being a normal person your children will be normal people too. Schedules are important, and basic rules help. We never go to home school functions representing homeschoolers in a bad way. My kids are dressed appropriately, hair combed, just like they would have gone to public school. So no weird stuff there! They don’t just catch unsocialization and a weird label the moment they start to home school. Lol, sounds crazy but true. It’s a learned thing, so don’t teach weird!

4. Support is out there


I did not know where to turn at first, however after a few years I have learned there are tons of resources for homeschooling families. I mean this one is a huge relief for some people! You are not in it alone!  First off the
HSLDA  is a membership program with legal help for those being attacked for homeschooling. It also offers a ton of free resources on laws regarding homeschooling in your state. If you don’t know where to start there it is! Another thing that has become very common in home-schooling groups. We are part of a Co-op of home schoolers, we generally meet one afternoon a week. Kids break up into grades and participate in things like art, P.E. and music. It also gives us the chance at things like fine arts festivals, lego robotics, track and many more. So if you are hoping for more hands on support look for a group! Or find an online group!

5. Experience is best

Nothing is quite as valuable as experience. Starting where you are and going from there is the easiest way. You don’t have to have every year and moment planned out to start. I thought if I started this I had to have a good solid plan to the 12th grade! WOW, so far from true!  You will learn as you go. You will tweak things, you will change your mind. You will find better things, you will drop some things. And you will realize your kids are learning all the way through. Homeschooling is not a thing to fear, or stress. It can be fun, exciting, and adventurous for everyone.


If you are thinking about home-schooling, go do it! Take your families education by the reigns and let er’ rip. You may just amaze yourself ♡♡♡

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