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Is gardening worth the effort?

Gardening is hard work, is it worth the effort?

Many people today don’t do and vegetable gardening or grow their own food because the cost seem to outweigh the benefits. It’s easy to see that point of view . Planting, dealing with weather, frost, rain, drought, bugs and overall work. I know I have heard many statements reflecting these thoughts from people we are around or family members. Quite frankly as I am outside battling mosquitos on a new homestead in a much more moist part of the state, I ask that to myself. Is this worth it? Are these darn mosquitos going to win? Isn’t this why family generations past quit growing their own food?

What it reminded me of…..

I don’t know how many of you can relate to this, but when I was a teenager  I couldn’t wait to drive. I had many friends much the same as I. My parents got me a 10+ year old vehicle, it wasn’t pretty and had no fluff. No cruise control, no AC or powered windows. This first vehicle wasn’t a gift, I had to work for it. At the age of 15 I had to make payments and pay the insurance, gas and all maintenance.

I didn’t mind that my car wasn’t brand new. It was MINE! I was so proud of that car I had my  tape player changed out for a CD player. It was MY personal ticket to freedom and independence. I took care of that thing like it was a brand new Cadillac. I didn’t let my fiends drive it, they wouldn’t be so carful. That car was proof of my hard work, I couldn’t let someone else treat it carelessly.

My friends, on the other hand, had brand new cars. Their parents got them new Honda civics, and Ford mustangs. And man part of me was jealous. I mean driving a brand new mustang! That’s sexy right? They didn’t have to work for them, their money went to new clothes, or whatever they wanted, mine I had to budget. Blah right!

Pretty soon, the new wore off. With in a few months everyone started wrecking their cars. Some of them in just silly ways, hitting light poles in parking lots! Or rear-ending the car in front of them at a stop light. Not me, cause I was still working to pay it off. I had hard work invested in that thing I wasn’t gonna wreck it, if I could avoid it. I was a protective driver! First time I realized my hard work was worth more to me that someone else’s hard work.

So now when it comes to life, I still work hard. I can not think very often when I have taken the easy route. I often take the harder route. Kids,I homeschool. Food, we grow our own. Babies, I cloth diaper. So life in general we try to do it ourselves! So easy route, not so much…

But when I look in the garden and see food growing, I am proud of that food. I know it’s the best possible food my family can eat. I truly know it’s grown organically not just a label! So my kale salad will be more appreciated.

That first tomato starts growing and I rejoice! I mean going to the grocery store never makes me want to rejoice, more just frustration than rejoicing.

Potato blooms are more beautiful than a bouquet of roses. Cause I can’t eat my roses

The already established horse radish and rhubarb, make me feel like I struck gold! I mean I didn’t have to work for those and I so appreciate that. We don’t even eat those that often, but we will now.

Where letting the asparagus grow wild and crazy makes me excited for future crops. A growing family needs growing levels of food. That’s security!

Where berry bushes get me excited over sweet treats, better than any store bought treats cause homegrown berries are just better


So even though the work loads never seem to end, and flies and mosquitoes are enemy #1. Growing garden food will always be better, cause just like my car of days past, we appreciate that which we work for much more! The value in our eyes has changed. Our hard work makes the reward that much sweeter, and sometimes that sweeter reward is worth the more effort ♡♡♡

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