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struggling readers

Best homeschool curriculum for struggling readers

This homeschool curriculum for struggling readers finally helped me to help my learner gain confidence and learn to become the strong confident reader I knew they could be. I am sharing this because I found these answers through years of trial and error but nowhere near the top of google

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milk goats

A day in the life with Milk Goats

Ever wondered what a day in the life with milk goats is like? Check out what a day in the life with milk goats looks like and how much milk that provides for a family of 8. Food security is kind of that scary thing in the air right now.

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homeschooling curriculum and resources

The Big List of Homeschooling Curriculum and Resources

If you are looking for a homeschooling curriculum or resources I am sharing this large (and growing) list to help the homeschooled family find exactly what they need. Maybe you are new to homeschooling, or maybe you are just researching. Perhaps homeschooling has been on your heart for a while

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Your Homestead will thrive with Heritage Breeds

Have you heard about heritage breeds and wondered what they are or if they are right for your homestead? Heritage livestock is perfect for a homestead and here’s why. Heritage breeds. Those two words seem to be a little bit buzzwordy, in the homesteading world, but why? It may seem

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Homeschooling tasks month by month

Homeschooling tasks month by month. How and what to plan as monthly tasks to keep your homeschool year moving along smoothly. Every year I end the school year with new plans on how I will change something with our next homeschool year. The crazy thing is I still do this

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