About Us

​Hey Y'all glad you could stop by.  I'm Beth, Mom, Wife and ring leader of this here circus. Let me take a quick second to introduce ourselves, and tell you about us. We are a growing family of 7 living On 5 acres in an old farmhouse in central Kansas. We homestead, homeschool, garden, and maintain an all around Do-It-Yourself lifestyle. We try our best to have a green and sustainable home. While striving for a healthy and natural life. Our lifestyle began from a desire is to show our children how to live simpler, healthier, more self-responsible kind of life. So if you are an aspiring homesteader, chicken wrangler, goat keeper, garden tender, homeschooler, natural or health-minded kind of person, we hope to inspire you with the lessons we have learned as we go. Follow us on Instagram for our more daily updates you can also find us on Pinterest, Google+, Twitter and Facebook or feel free to contact us.