About Us

Hey Y’all glad you could stop by.  I’m Beth, Mom, Wife and ring leader of this here circus. Let me take a quick second to introduce ourselves, and tell you about us. We are a growing family of 7 living On 5 acres in an old farmhouse in central Kansas. We homestead, homeschool, garden, and maintain an all around Do-It-Yourself lifestyle. We try our best to have a green and sustainable home. While striving for a healthy and natural life. Our lifestyle began from a desire is to show our children how to live simpler, healthier, more self-responsible kind of life. So if you are an aspiring homesteader, chicken wrangler, goat keeper, garden tender, homeschooler, natural or health-minded kind of person, we hope to inspire you with the lessons we have learned as we go. Follow us on Instagram for our more daily updates you can also find us on Pinterest, Google+, Twitter and Facebook or feel free to contact us.

The Upcycled Family- about us

The Line Up……

About Us

Jesse- Father, Husband, Man with a plan.

Jesse has a long history in the agriculture growing up on a cattle ranch in Colorado, his knowledge comes into play in decisions in our modern (once urban) homestead. Jesse is a veteran of both the Air Force and Army and still serves on a part-time basis.


About Us

Beth- Mother, Wife, Visionary.

Coming from a history as an Army veteran and then a health and fitness trainer, with all that we do now it is more than a full-time job. Homeschooling, kids, healthy real-food, homestead life are just part of the juggling act around here.

 The Upcycled Family About

Chaisen- Big Brother, scientist, artist

Chaisen is the oldest, a creative mind and always thinking of ways to be more “green”. Chaisen loves planting and picking fresh veggies from the garden or greenhouse. his ideas are never-ending on what else we should grow next year. Chaisen is 10 years old and is in 5th grade in our homeschool.


The Upcycled Family- about

Aspen- Sister , Girlie girl, lover of all things beautiful.

Aspen girlie-girl as she may be, has no problem roughin’ it with the boys. Egg gathering, planting or picking veggies, Aspen is a helper and is especially fond of the herb garden, after all, beautiful flowers live there. Aspen is 7 years old and is in 2nd grade this year.


The Upcycled Family- about 

Westin- Little brother, force to be reckoned with

Westin is all boy all the time, mud, planting, wrangling chickens and generally being full speed. He brings a whole lot of personality to homestead lifestyle. Westin is 5, he is in kindergarten with a little first grade work sprinkled here and there.

The Upcycled Family- About

Mason- Happy little man

Mason is our calm laid back little guy. Easy, growing and going. As a fun, and loving little guy, he is exciting  to watch his personality grow and take shape in our homesteading lifestyle. Mason is nearly 2, so he of course is not yet homeschooling.


The Upcycled Family- About

Laylin- Newcomer

As our newest little addition, she is a sweet baby and so very loved by this large crazy family!

In addition to all the humans, our little homestead is home to, two dogs, a cat, a horse, a donkey, a handful of goats, a few ducks and a few dozen chickens.

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. -Colin Powell

The Homestead lifestyle may not be “the easy route” but it is such an amazing journey. Whether you are a homesteader or just an aspiring one, a healthy-life seeker, or an all-in do-it-yourself lifestyler, we applaud you for taking the steering wheel! If you find yourself here, we are excited to have you along for the ride. Thanks for joining us in this effort to have a more homesteady, family-centered, natural and all around do-it-yourself life. There may be hard days, but the journey will be amazing! ♡♡♡

From our family to yours, thanks for stopping by