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August Round-Up | routines lead the way for goals

And just like that August is gone….

In my former life in the fitness & personal training world we were always told there is two times a year people recommit to routines and goals, New Years and when everyone returns to school.  As August comes and goes we settle into familiar routines, routines that bring a mixture of emotions. August always brings slight feelings of regret for the care-free summer days behind us, but also feelings of security for the routine ahead. With this time of year we also tend to be ready to tackle or at least refocus on some of those bigger goals.


A look back at August

August has been a full month around here, we sold our first homestead-born goat. Even though I was a little sad to see her go, Endy (as the kids named her, a minecraft thing I think) has gone to a new awesome home. In fact she may just have gained a new home that puts her in the worlds most-spoiled-goat category. The fall gardening has also started. However the big thing for August is always preparing for and settling in to the new school year.

Starting back to the school year helps the kids back into a routine, but hey us adults need that routine too. Last month I talked about being intentionally minded, not just letting our days slip by. As a result I committed to really focus on my own personal routines so that I could be more intentional. Active parenting, being really present in those moments. As busy parents it’s easy to let the important stuff get sidelined or at best our half attention. So August was all about tackling routines, maybe even making myself a little uncomfortable. Starting mornings way earlier, setting my own schedule a little tighter, all to be more present in the moment.

Routines are set, maybe not solid yet, but there nonetheless. Now is the perfect time to start on those bigger goals. Time to start making headway on past-forgotten or newly recommitted goals.

September Goals

  • master my mornings (before kids get up productivity)
  • workout more
  • organize better
  • family game nights
  • read more fun books with the kids
  • sunday bike rides

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. -Jim Rohn

Something to take away

Setting new goals in January is great, but setting new goals (or at least refocusing on old ones) this time of year is a great opportunity too. Striving to be better parents, better spouses, better employees just better people is and should be a constant in our lives. Taking this time of the year to perfect our game, whatever that may be. In life emergencies happen, accidents happen, complacency happens. And our goals be they financial, relational, career, career or health goals they get sidelined. Life tends to get in the way of the goals we set out to reach. That is the gift that this time of year brings to us. The return to school time means return to routine time.  That gem also reveals to us the opportunity to return to, or begin new goals. Why wait for January? We have right now! Find a new goal and crush it ♡♡♡

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