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Free to be you

About Me

Free to be unique As we celebrate another 4th of July, America’s Independence Day we are reminded of freedom. Freedom, for us, as a family of military veterans, we do not take for granted. Having seen what true oppression, looks like, and I promise you once you see that you can never forget. I will […]

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Welcome baby #5!

New baby

I haven’t posted much in the last few weeks, and I apologize for the temporary absence. June is/was baby month (and secretly I’ll share I’m not a patient person at the end of a pregnancy). I know many moms who say they “loved being pregnant”, well not me. When you are 5’4″ and grow larger […]

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May Round-Up 2017


As we wrap up May, that’s when the homestead really starts coming to life. The bees are buzzing, wild birds are hatching, flowers are blooming, plants are growing and wheat fields that surround us are only weeks away from harvest. Building a homestead is a busy life, there is a lot of work to be […]

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a couple of years ago

March Round-Up (2017)

March has come and gone, Spring has officially started, and all of life is in full swing. Planting, transplanting, watering, animals, milking, fence mending, so much is here and life is coming anew once again. We can once again look forward to line dryed laundry, sprinkler days, shorts and flip-flops, flowers blooming, melons to eat, […]

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a couple of years ago

February Round-Up (2017)

February Round-Up 2017

Lawdy, Lawdy y’all, February was a bear. We got a lot happening mixed with sickness that just keeps coming around. We got so much planted and growing, and spring just around the corner. We got massive amounts of birds chirping and nests being cleaned out for a new season of life to begin. We had […]

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