4 years ago

Being a “man” in 2015 pt. 1

Hello gentleman and the ladies who may have been drawn to this post by curiosity. This post is certainly not meant to imply that I am “the man” but this simply is my opinion on what I’ve learned in nearly 34 years of life as a man. My intention is to give some insight to some men out there that may be seeking answers on family and career and how to prioritize our lives. My hope and prayer that this Becoming-A-Man1-e1314252693241-1024x685will benefit someone out there as it is my sincere belief that men in today’s world are lacking a great deal, ME included. This much I do know, however, the more we look upward or more accurately toward god to fulfill our duties the more successful we will become. First and foremost my advice is to pray pray pray……pray like you’ve never prayed before. I am sure that some or maybe all of you may be thinking that wow is that cliché or I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work. Let me see if I can redirect your prayers as it was pointed out to me that maybe our prayers aren’t being heard or answered because we’re praying for the wrong things. I know from experience that most of my prayers used to start out with changing someone else or fixing them to fix the problem. Gentleman I’m here to say from experience that our careers and family lives can be restored by asking god one thing. God what am I doing wrong and what can I do to fix it. If you do that with a true and pure heart I’m telling you the secrets will be unlocked and made clear. So goes our heart so goes our lives. My point is this-if your heart is pointed in the right direction your life will head in the right direction. Our role men is way to important to not get this right. Stay determined and stay strong. Our families are counting on us!

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