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Carrots are one of the easiest things to grow. Making them perfect for every gardener, beginner to expert alike. Carrots also happen to be one of the cheapest veggies to find in a grocery store. Heck, my small town grocery store even offers carrots in an organic variety, and organic is unheard of around here. In the days of old, canning your carrots was the thing that had to be done with garden fresh produce, not anymore. Raw is best, and with literally tons of raw carrot recipes, here are a few recipes where you can’t go wrong.


1. Fermented Garlic-Dill carrot sticks

Fermented carrot sticks make both a great healthy snack to keep on hand a well as a healthy side dish to add to any meal. Looking to add a little more health to your diet? Look no further than the immune boosting, probiotic infused garlic-dill fermented carrot sticks. Taking a few days to ferment a jar (or a few jars) you won’t regret giving these a try.

2. Cultured carrot cake in a jar

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? If you want a healthy but still sweet and delicious snack or dessert for dinner tonight, you must try this one! The name has this one nailed, it just like a carrot cake, except it’s healthy, really healthy.

3. A simple carrot salad

The name says it all, this one truly is a simple but delicious carrot salad. Cooking is not especially one of my favorite things in life, but being healthy is. I love when I can make a large batch of something, like this salad, and make it stitch over several meals. With this healthy and easy to make salad dinner just got easier.

4. Carrot cake overnight oats

We love overnight oats. In fact probably about 90% of the month my kids wake to a breakfast of overnight oats. Why do we do so much overnight oats? Well the answer for me is pretty simple. We are pretty busy, and overnight oats are easy, super healthy and come in a variety of recipes so we never get bored. A morning with overnight oats, especially carrot cake over night oats, is a win for health, and a win for a busy mom.

5. Carrot-Pineapple smoothie

Who doesn’t love a smoothie? Skip the expensive juice bar and head straight to the blender. Raw carrots, pineapple it’s like a weight loss and detox dream drink. If you are feeling under the weather or simply in a rush for a healthy meal this is perfect. Trust me this one also happens to be kid approved.


No matter if you are a gardener or the person trying to add much more healthy, detoxifying roots to your diet, carrots are the thing you want. Healthy, easy to grow and cheap to buy, carrots are a staple. The recipes don’t have to stop at canned or cooked carrots, the options are endless. From fermented carrots to overnight oats they are all delicious, and they are all raw, so you miss out on no nutrients. All of the benefits none of the sacrifice. So if you are the aspiring gardener or the grocery store deal hunter, go ahead do the carrots, with these amazing recipes you will never get bored ♡♡♡

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