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Black Maca for Men

Black Maca for men

Maca for men

Plagued by Nutrient Deficiencies

Our society is a fast paced, high stress life. Our food is grown faster and less natural than what is normal or natural rather. Our lives are more stress filled with everything from physical stress, emotional, financial, and psychological. That takes its toll on our bodies,and the way they function. Men are constantly low on nutrients, and for that they are constantly targeted for products to help libido and sex drive, low testosterone, low energy, overweight, low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, high cholesterol and many more. Almost all of these issues can be corrected without medication or prevented with better nutrition and some foresight!

Maca is a nutrient powerhouse and comes in three different varieties, cream or yellow, red and black. The black maca is  the absolute best for men. It is great at balancing hormones naturally, so not testosterone overload, but at a healthy level. For men the hormones play a huge role in energy, sexual performance, and fitness as well. If the days of feeling like you have enough energy are left way back in your early twenties, you are not alone. However this does not have to be, our energy is based on the health of our bodies, along with our healthy living habits.

Maca for men

Here at the upcycled family as an urban homestead, energy is a must. With a full-time job, part-time military service, 3 homeschooling kids, a flock of backyard birds, a year-round greenhouse with an aquaponic system, gardens to tend food to grow and preserve, and non-stop DIY house remodeling projects, and fitness to keep up on. All this goes to say having low energy does not serve us well. We simply do not have time for testosterone low energy draggin’ kind of day. One of the major key factors as we have learned  is Maca. Black maca for men answers so many problems and ailments. It may take a few weeks of taking it regularly to see the effects, but you will. Just beware that maca makes you very fertile also, learned by experience. There is many places to get maca, we use TheMacaTeam for black maca. We use more natural things as supplements (check out more of our favorites here) like maca, it is really a food item. A root vegetable, that has been dried and turned into a powder.

So if you are like most modern men, or you know a man that is trying to live a fast-paced life and needs a natural boost check out some black Maca. Heck the Inca warriors are said to have consumed large quantities of Maca before going into battle, and I’m sure energy was a top priority for that

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