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boosting nitric oxide

Her week in fitness: Boosting Nitric Oxide naturally…

I am a fan of N.O. (Nitric oxide) it aids so many systems in your body, from brain functioning to sexual drive to feeling youthful and energetic. Now there is so much more about N.O. that is amazing and I won’t go into all the science here. That’s not really the purpose of this blog, we like to highlight positive healthy lifestyles and managing your own health.

As amazing as Nitric oxide is, and it is naturally occurring in our bodies. However those amounts that occurs naturally decline as we age, unfortunately. Lucky enough, we can do some things to increase those amounts and our EVERYTHING will thank us for it. Whether we want more energy, better sleep, more brain focus, or a better sex drive, nitric oxide can help.

So this week

lets talk about boosting our N.O. levels. As a busy mom I try to use everything I can to give me an advantage. There are many supplements that help boost N.O. levels, and I am no stranger to them, (as a personal trainer I used many many different supplements). Most pre-workouts sport some sort of N.O. in it. However many are very unhealthy for you.

Foods and supplements

Boosting nitric oxide

There are even food, most recognizable beets, that help to naturally boost nitric oxide levels. I have even considered adding beet root powder to my daily natural health supplement list.  Also Vitamin D is a direct connection to nitric oxide production and many studies show that anywhere from 60-80% of people don’t have enough Vitamin D, and that number is always rising. So supplement your vitamin D I love Fermented Cod liver Oil and I swear by it, (check out this post here). Coffee! Also known to help boost nitric oxide levels, I know your probably jumping up and down right now to see that! Just keep your coffee organic since it is a very high chemically grown crop We get this one from Amazon, in 5 lb bags and order it on subscribe and save every 6 months, SCORE!!

Also certainly working out can really help, score right!

Working out


many different forms of working out have been shown to increase N.O. levels. Some of the best nitric oxide boosting workouts are those that really push you (you know where you really have to dig deep) even if just for a short while like heavy lifting or a super intense cardio session. However, some of the most effective workouts are sprints. I believe I have proven this true for myself, when I add one short jog/sprint workout a week, I see an increase in energy, focus, stamina, and muscle toning. I don’t always love sprints (in fact I never do) but I do love what they can do for my fitness level. As a busy mom, outside activities can be hard to fit in, so I personally try to make sprints a Sunday workout. Or perhaps any other day when you have a little bit more time, and can get a few minutes of baby-free time (that is of course if you have one).

Boosting nitric oxide levels

I do a jog/sprint/walk cycle and repeat this for 2o minutes at least. This goes without saying, so of course don’t do this workout with cold muscles, do a warm up first. But what an easy way to boost those N.O. levels and this is one you can start both feeling and seeing the difference very quickly. Don’t take my word for it GO try it, and let me know what you think♡♡♡

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