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Ok so break the rules…….

Ok so break the rules…..

Who needs em’?

I must admit part of me wants to break the rules, and by rules I really mean breaking social norms. Living by a set of standards ‘just because’ or because that’s what everyone else does, doesn’t at all make sense to me. Aren’t we all different? What drives us, motivates us is different for everyone of us? So where ever there is mold that has been pre-set by society I find myself making a goal to never fit in that mold.

Now I live in Kansas so what is a social norm for me may not be for you. However I have been wrong socially with almost every decision I have ever made! I believe I was pretty well expected to get married have a couple of kids, stay at home until they enter school. Then return to work, work day in and day out in a job I don’t like for some one else. Spend every Sunday in a church pew, never questioning, never bucking the system. Kids are taught by ‘teachers’ spoiled by grandparents and I should just be struggling with them until they leave for college right? Then throw a party cause they are finally ‘out of the house’!

So here was me not even realizing there were expectations for my future/ current kids, my marriage or my life style. As I am pregnant with my third child I started to realize I was passing the social norm. All grandparents acted annoyed and put off, why would I do this? Why couldn’t I just do as I expected? I got questions by everyone about doing the “responsible thing” and tying my tubes after baby #3, like my tubes are anyone else business! What does society say? Have 2 kids max(1 boy 1 girl is ideal) 

Ok so break the rules

About that same time we started homeschooling with the oldest for kindergarten, holy cow!!! What was wrong with me, ok so I get pregnant with number three, slap me on the wrist. But HOMESCHOOL! Don’t I know I am not supposed to do that! We might look ‘weird’. We got these little sideways glances, that seemed to say you will give these crazy ways up soon. However we kept on, we questioned the schools ability to teach my child who is an individual with individual needs and interests, should’ the have an individual solution. And if I am parent who knows that child best, doesn’t that make me especially qualified for that job? Society’s answer- NO 

Then we felt the need or desire to start growing our own food. Couldn’t we grow it healthier? Wouldn’t it be better for the environment if we didn’t require all our food to get trucked in to local grocery store? Ok now wait, GROW FOOD??? That is to much, don’t I  have better stuff to do with my time, I must be some kind of horrible mother, neglecting my kids to tend a garden right? Or maybe my kids enjoy the outdoors, maybe they love learning where food comes from, maybe they love to go gather the eggs (even if we break a few). Maybe showing my kids to be more involved in their food production helps them to live a healthier lifestyle? Maybe that’s my goal! But what does society say?  DO the “easy thing” buy your foodOk so break the rulesOk so break the rules

Well when pregnancy with child #4 was announced you can only imagine, yep it was very unwelcomed. I mean not even a smile, or a we are glad for you. We broke the “rules” with number 3 right? No one has had four kids since the 50’s. In today’s day in age I must be in complete rebellion.Ok so break the rules

So here we sit, way outside of society’s norm. Moved to a farm, with big goals of one day growing/ producing almost all our food. With four kiddos, 3 of which will be homeschooling this year (starting our 5th year homeschooling). Not to mention we cloth diaper, try to live a green life, and are avid DIY’ers.Ok so break the rules

So here is the things I will hold firm to regardless of society’s label for me

  • I love my kids I may have more
  • we will strive hard to produce our own healthy food
  • I am a health and fitness nut, using # of pregnancies or c-sections as an excuse to get out of shape, not happening
  • my kids will eat healthy too
  • many decisions will be made cause it is the healthiest possible solution for the kids
  • we homeschool and love it
  • my kids will not be weird/ unhygienic  or other undesirable just because they are homeschooled
  • we won’t leave our life choices to others to decide what is best
  • we cloth diaper cause it’s better for my baby, the world and my wallet
  • we like a free-range life, it may be work but it’s worth it, work builds character
  • money and material things are not super important to us

So maybe we are labeled, maybe we are rebels. Maybe I am totally ok with that

So congrats to all those families out there breaking rules and doing your own thing. If it’s choosing your family size or your garden size, I say keep it up ♡♡♡

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