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a couple of months ago

Morning Routines for the Homeschool Mom

Being a homeschool mom is no easy job, but it doesn’t have to mean setting aside everything else in life. The big secret to a successful homeschool and still having a life that you find fulfilling.

Struggling to homeschool and successfully juggle other things? The homeschool mom has a lot on her plate so often house keeping, maintaining a workout program or personal goals and aspirations get over run. Why a homeschool mom morning routine (I promise that’s not as boring as it sounds) just might become your new secret weapon […]

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9 months ago

Homestead Homeschooling | Why we start our days with meditation

homeschooling with meditation

Some mornings nothing goes well. That can be the truth of a homeschool moms life.  Coffee gets cold as diaper blowouts with toddlers are followed by unfocused hyperactivity or whiny negative attitudes with school-age kids. Let’s just be real as homeschoolers some mornings are just the pits… We are no exception. Then I discovered the power of […]

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a couple of years ago

What made us decide to homeschool

I have shared a lot about our homeschooling experience. I have shared some of our beginning of the year traditions, and some of my pet peeves with people and their out dated social stigmas. But I have never really shared what exactly led us to homeschool, in the first place. So why did we decide […]

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