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3 years ago

Making Calendula Oil

The calendula flower has many AMAZING benefits. How to make your own healing calendula oil. This calming calendula herb is the natural answer you need for skin, wounds, acne, burns, cut, scrapes, rashes and so much more! #calendulaoil #diyskincare #calendulaoildiy #herbalremedies #medicinalherbs #calendulauses #howtomakecalendulaoil #calendualoilbenefits

Calendula is one amazing plant! I know, I know I say that a lot of plants (but honestly it’s true!) So maybe I am a little biased to plant-power. Making calendula oil couldn’t be easier. With calendulas benefits ranking as one of the tops for healing inflammation and irritation. I’ll have you ready to dive […]

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3 years ago

DIY Skeeter Stick

Mosquito bites

We live in a fairly dry part of the country compared to most. So dry that when driving through the country you will see irrigation sprinklers everywhere. Dry conditions can make gardening difficult. However, the upside is we have little mosquito problems. Which is great; Our whole family reacts to mosquito bites about as bad […]

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4 years ago

Black Maca for Men

Black Maca for men Plagued by Nutrient Deficiencies Our society is a fast paced, high stress life. Our food is grown faster and less natural than what is normal or natural rather. Our lives are more stress filled with everything from physical stress, emotional, financial, and psychological. That takes its toll on our bodies,and the […]

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The Case For The Backyard Chicken

Backyard chickens

I wanted to bring the subject of chickens and eggs to the table today. 100 years ago chickens were grown by almost every household, city and country alike. The urban homesteading movement is on the rise along with backyard chickens. So many families are realizing backyard chickens are easy to keep and provide much healthier eggs. […]

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