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last year

Why detox after a c-section

Detox after a c-section

If you have had a recent c-section (or any other surgery), we are often told of the downtime or recovery, how often do we hear about detoxing from the surgery itself? Truth be told toxins and surgery go hand-in-hand. Everything from the anesthesia to the pain medications for recovery assaults your body with toxins. This […]

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a couple of years ago

Herbs to relieve seasonal stress

Herbs for stress

Tis’ the season of stress, am I right? Actually I read that they are now actually categorizing it a “thing” seasonal stress. Many people actually suffer enough stress, that it is now considered a diagnosis. It’s no wonder really, holidays, family, traveling, changes in diet through the all that, extra financial burdens, and the cold […]

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3 years ago

DIY Skeeter Stick

Mosquito bites

We live in a fairly dry part of the country compared to most. So dry that when driving through the country you will see irrigation sprinklers everywhere. Dry conditions can make gardening difficult. However, the upside is we have little mosquito problems. Which is great; Our whole family reacts to mosquito bites about as bad […]

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