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The homestead, modern-day homesteading can be done anywhere, by anyone. No, you don’t need 50 acres in the backwoods. You can homestead right where you are.

Gardening, chickens, goats and more. Find easy how-to’s and DIY’s to homestead wherever you are.

Yes, you can homestead your little piece of a city or way out in nature!

a couple of months ago

Yarrow | Uses and Benefits

Yarrow herb uses & benefits

Sometimes I love weeds. Well, at least a plant others consider being a weed. I mean they have an insatiable desire to thrive no matter where they are. Unlike some more “well-liked” puny garden annuals, that have to be constantly babied. So what is better than a weed that not only thrives without help but also […]

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7 months ago

What kind of homesteader are you?

discovering your homesteading style

What kind of homesteader are you? With so many terms out there the lines can seem to blur. The farm… A homestead…An urban homestead… Naturalist/ the health nut… Permaculture…. Preppers/ survivalists, the list goes on. In homesteading circles, these questions seem to come up, and most people tend to associate with their niche and disregard […]

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last year

March Round-Up (2017)

March has come and gone, Spring has officially started, and all of life is in full swing. Planting, transplanting, watering, animals, milking, fence mending, so much is here and life is coming anew once again. We can once again look forward to line dryed laundry, sprinkler days, shorts and flip-flops, flowers blooming, melons to eat, […]

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last year

Dairy goat mastitis

dairy goat mastitis

Healing mastitis in goats using essential oils Now I know I write a lot about essential oils, and here is another one. However know this, I am not any sort of essential oil distributor or part of any multi-level marketing oil company. I just whole heartedly believe in the healing powers of herbs and essential oils. […]

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last year

January Round-Up


When January comes I always feel a renewed sense of tasks and accomplishments I want to get done. You could call it jumping the gun, but I just feel like I want to go! Even though it is still the dead of winter, and really cold outside, I start thinking of planning garden, starting seeds […]

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