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Dairy goat mastitis

Healing mastitis in goats using essential oils

Now I know I write a lot about essential oils, and here is another one. However know this, I am not any sort of essential oil distributor or part of any multi-level marketing oil company. I just whole heartedly believe in the healing powers of herbs and essential oils. That being said a few months back I talked about 10 oils to cure all your ails. That list was 10 oils I think that can take care of just about any problem one may have, and if you are a frugal homesteader (like myself) that list also may extend to your farm and animal life as well. Animal veterinarian care, can get expensive (I mean really expensive). If every time we had an animal medical issue I was hauling one of them to the vet, we would be broke. So recently we had a case of new-mama ‘dairy goat mastitis’, and yup used essential oils to cure that issue right up.


Now I am no foreigner to mastitis, I have got it myself with in a month of 3 of my 4 kids births. So I feel like in human terms I am a pro, at recognizing this often ‘new to nursing issue’. Now if you are not up on what mastitis is, it is a  nursing mama issue. It is a clogged milk duct that very rapidly becomes an infection. That side will look very engorged, swollen and painful. So in the case of our new mother goat, she was not letting baby nurse on one side, and that side was quite a bit larger, engorged and hard to the touch. She also began acting as though she was not feeling well, Which I can tell you as a human with this, feeling sick is another dead giveaway.

The typical response to this is the same with both humans and goats. The difference a vet may take blood samples first. However antibiotics are given and soon that side will begin to flow again, the pain and swelling will subside. Knowing a typical vet visit will cost me no less than a few hundred dollars, and know I am experienced in this issue with, well myself. I thought the routine would be very similar for a goat, plus if I can ever avoid antibiotics I try my hardest. We don’t like them in us or our food supply.


Tea tree oil also known as melalueca oil, is a very fast acting and powerful antibiotic. If you recall I talked about this one being amazing in my 3 natural cures for ear infections , and that is because it works. You got some sort of infection this one will get it. However with oils there are some precautions, especially for the nursing mother, even if that mother is a goat mama. Tea tree oil has a bit of a drying effect, so a little will go a long way, and should always be applied to the skin with a very diluted carrier oil.

Essential oil

Since we have no shortage of olive oil or coconut oil, I would opt for those first. I also happen to keep a jar of herb infused oils for just such occasions I keep this on hand in the ol’ homegrown apothecary  calendula oil. That being used as the carrier oil would also help with the pain and inflammation that comes along with this issue.

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So just a few drops in a palm full of carrier oil and applied to the udder area. Cover as much of the udder as you can while being careful not to get any of the oil mixture on the teat (to avoid baby goat ingesting any, if at all possible). Do this twice a day, morning and evening. Should see a dramatic difference within 12 hours, completely healed within 2-3 days. Just use common sense to judge your goat!

Using essential oils

Once again nature has the cure! We avoided antibiotics, we avoided vet bills and we got her healed naturally. Tea tree oil is a wonderful essential oil to keep in your natural medicine cabinet, and we certainly do. For the cost for a bottle of  tea tree oil, we have cured ear infections (in humans) mastitis (in goats) and that doesn’t even put a dent in the bottle, so I see that as a win in the ‘money not spent category’. We try our very hardest to save money and spend as wisely as we can, herbs, essential oils and other natural cures help us to save a ton of money and here is just another instance. Of course like I said earlier we believe in the healing power of essential oils, I hope I have made a believer out of you too♡♡♡

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