Dear Homeschool Mom, You’re tougher than you think

Dear Homeschool Mom,

Let’s talk. To all you other amazing, not homeschool mama’s out there, no offense intended. I still admire all that you do, I applaud all the hard mom work. But right now I want to talk to my homeschooling mamas. Truth be known homeschooling is a rare gem, yes, but also not many people understand the struggle. Even though homeschooling is such a special experience, it is not without its own battles. All of those battles are tough, but sweetie, so are you. You are in a league of your own, You are not just a mom, you’re a Homeschool Mom. You are a Homeschool Mom, thats a tough job, like a really tough job. That’s not it, it is also a pretty rare job, not many people “get it” and even less respect it. In all of this the truth is you are tougher than you think. #homeschool #homeschoolinspiration #homeschoolproblems #homeschoolresources #homeschoolencouragement

So you have a mother-in-law who looks down on you like you are ruining her grandkids education. And you have that ever-present society who have kept the 90’s mentality that “homeschoolers are unsocialized”. You are doing all of this, and as much as that get’s all unnoticed, you are an absolutely amazing rockstar. Sister you are tough, and not just sorta-tough. Heck, you are tougher than a huge percentage of the population, and you are most definitely tougher than you think…

Teaching one kid who thrives in science and math and hates writing, and another who loves to write and be creative, but then you have the one that questionably behind because sitting to learn just isn’t their jam. You have an auditory learner, a visual learner and a hand’s on learner. You have learned the art of successfully juggling mom, bus driver, teacher, chef, janitor, family coordinator, CFO, CEO and referee (more often than you would like to admit). Busy, you are busy…. No, super busy, non-stop in fact. Homeschool mom busy is a busy in its own category.

You are enough hand written on paper

Nothing is perfect anywhere

I know as homeschooling moms we tend to carry a lot of emotional baggage that we shouldn’t. You have a kid who is reading a grade level behind on a subject, you beat yourself up. Your child just can’t get a concept in math, frustration sets in, and you wear it like it’s somehow a cloak of shame, as though it’s a reflection of your struggle.

Child writing

Truth is no kids, or teachers, are perfect. Find any school or any kid, anywhere, and there are struggles. You will never find any teacher anywhere that is absolutely perfect. So you and your kids are imperfect, awesome, you are right on track. Your child isn’t the absolute best in every subject, proves your child is human.

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You do know best

Society has a way of trying to shame homeschool moms, and that can be hard. Your life-long friend, your family, your community doesn’t agree with your choice to homeschool. You often hear words like “are you STILL doing that homeschooling?…” and yeah you can tell the tone is anything but supportive.

The thing is you, more than anyone else, have your individual child’s best interest at heart. You know your child. What makes them tick, how they learn, and what makes them shut down. You have spent years getting to know your child, which quite honestly, makes you uniquely qualified to teach your child.

When one teaches, two learn. ~Robert Heinlein

Mom and son sitting together learning

You are one tough cookie. You pull it all off. And is it all seamless? Well no, but is anything ever perfect? What you do, what you have learned to juggle is quite impressive. From the impromptu spelling quiz to the grocery store trip turned math lesson. The way you have figured out how to turn any moment into a teaching moment. If juggling difficult and high-stress issues had a degree, you would have a doctorate. So you don’t have a high paying job, but you take your mom/ teacher/ chef/ janitor/ CFO/ bus driver/ referee job seriously. And between you and me I think the rest of the world sees it, and they just know they couldn’t do it nearly as well as you do ♡♡♡

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