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December Round-Up

December is ending, oh man where does time go? A whole year, 2016 in the rear view mirror. I usually just like to take one month at a time but in December is like a moment where you realize it’s time to put another year in the books. Time to reflect on the past. Also a time to look at the future. In fact that is where the name January comes from (on a little side note). January gets its name from Janus a Roman god of gates and doorways. Janus was always depicted as having two faces, one looking to the past and one to the future. So as we end this year I guess that what we kind of find ourselves doing, looking back to what has happened at the same time trying to look forward.

December as a whole was a great month we did get a whole bunch accomplished, even in the middle of cold weather! We finished up the greenhouse (check out all about the DIY greenhouse here). Got the Aquaponics flowing, however not expanded, yet. We got seeds planted and even greens sprouting even with well below freezing temperatures for more than a week.

In December we officially crossed our halfway mark for the homeschool year. Feels like we are on the downhill slope for the school year now. Our birds which have all been going through the molting and recovering thing, are coming out of that and finally laying again! So now we are getting a beautiful rainbow of eggs daily. We have spent lots of time indoors, baking, making messes and cleaning a few. We have started into a few home remodeling projects and DIY’s (more on those to come).

December Round-Up

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So all in all December was a success. Lots of goals and tasks accomplished. Which is kinda how we live around here, by lists of goals. I do hope one day we can settle down a bit and enjoy the fruits of our labor, but for now we still have so much to establish. Kinda the name of the homesteading game. And really I am grateful this is an opportunity we have while we still have youth and energy on our side. This opportunity which has brought us so much experience (check out the post I did highlighting our first year here) and this is truly an awesome journey.

January Goals

  • start my garden planning
  • start the search for new farm dog(s)
  • begin to log info in new homestead binder
  • get a good 2017 budget finalized
  • set 2017 goals
  • work ahead in a few homeschool areas
  • work on the DIY antique dresser makeover

Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another. -John Dewey

Something to take away

So without to much more looking to the past, only remembering the great parts. Mostly now it is time to look to the future. And for everyone the future leaves us with anticipation, expectation and a bit of the unknown. A story yet to write, a path yet to walk, an adventure yet to live. I am excited for the next year and all the experiences that will come. We still have so many firsts we are yet looking forward to. I am excited and ready to get started on another great learning, living and amazing homesteading year. I have healthy ideas and products to share, hopefully another amazing DIY to reveal. And…… I really really can’t hardly wait to share a bit of exciting news we have! ♡♡♡

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