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DIY Detoxifying Coffee Face Scrub

Have you ever gone anywhere or done something out of your normal routine and realized you have thrown your whole body out of balance? Maybe it was traveling food, or hotel shower water, but now your body, face, and skin are screaming help!!! Ok, no problem…. Nothing a little detoxifying face scrub can’t fix.

Easy DIY face scrub. This simple scrub is exfoliating and detoxifying and made with ingredients you most likely have in your kitchen right now! #diyfacescrub #coffeefacescrub #coconutoilfacescrub #sensitiveskin #activatedcharcoal

Currently, I am more of a hermit. You know I stay at home a lot and don’t get out of my routine, maybe its a more comfortable or more likely it’s 5 kids.

Well, a recent winter vacation had us heading south to escape the winter, perfect, I know, that’s what we thought too!

I guess the skin was in total shock, breakout city over here.

In my former days, I would have freaked out. Why is my skin breaking out… PANIC…. ugh….

Not anymore, those days are long gone. I understand my body a bit more now. My body is really for me, not against me. If I am willing to learn it will give me subtle (or not so subtle) clues. The question is then what are the clues? How do we read them, and most importantly how do we correct them?

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Have you ever heard of Chinese Face Mapping? Basically, it is using the signs our skin is giving us to tell us where internally we need to focus on healing our bodies. Our skin is basically just the external signal for what is going on internally. So in a way, skin issues are our friends helping to guide us to healing our internal issues.

So with this knowledge, I can go to work healing any issue. Understanding what needs help, I can hit the ground running. Kombucha, fermented foods, a little extra FCLO and a little facial detoxing and I’m good to go.

Detoxifying face scrub

I love making healthy little DIY’s! You know what ingredients are there (and what is not). You save a ton of money over store-bought beauty products, and there is less waste. Total win right? So what is in the face scrub? 3 easy-peasy little ingredients.

  • coconut oil
  • ground coffee
  • activated charcoal

detoxifying face scrub

This one is really pretty simple. Three ingredients and mix it up. Here is what we use for coffee and activated charcoal.

Whatever you do use just try to keep it organic. Adjust ingredients as needed. If you have sensitive skin reduce the coffee. Simple right?

DIY Detoxifying Coffee Face Scrub
  • 1/2 C Coconut Oil
  • 2 Tbsp Ground Coffee
  • 1-2 tsp Activated Charcoal
  1.  Combine all ingredients

  2. Bottle and store

Easy DIY Coffee Face Scrub. This simple scrub is exfoliating and detoxifying and made with ingredients you most likely have in your kitchen right now! #diyfacescrub #coffeefacescrub #coconutoilfacescrub #sensitiveskin #activatedcharcoal

Finding your skin breaking out and your body of balance is no big thing. With a little knowledge at hand, we can dive deep into our issues and find the root of the problem. Then with the detoxifying powers of activated charcoal, whip up this easy peasy little face scrub and voila, problems solved. Find your beautiful healthy balance the natural way ♡♡♡


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